Learning C# And ASP.NET
Sep 28, 2017
Steve Brownlee shares about teaching C# and ASP.NET to students fresh out of their JavaScript education and walks us through running ASP.NET on Linux. Read More

Topics: Learning, Technology Insights

The Emerging Role Of The Front-End Designer/Developer
Sep 19, 2017
One well known practitioner that has been talking and writing about the emergence of a “hybrid” UI/UX designer/front-end developer for several years is Brad Frost. Frost uses the term “Frontend Design” to refer to these hybrids who both handle UI/UX design as well as implement the design in front-end code. In a recent blog post, Frost speaks to the trend and the reasons for the trend. Read More

Topics: Learning, News, UI/UX

Why A Six Month Curriculum? | 500 In 5
Jul 20, 2017
Why, from the very beginning, in 2012 did NSS make a contrarian decision to have a six-month full-time bootcamp? When all the schools in all the cool, tech hot spot cities were launching with 9, and 10 and 12 week programs, were we just out of the loop down here in Nashville, or did we know/believe something they didn't? And why today do we continue, along with a handful of other programs across the country, to feature a significantly longer full-time residential program than the majority of bootcamps? Read More

Topics: Learning, Hiring?, 10 Years | 2000 Journeys

Learner Experience Design
Jun 15, 2017
Great teaching isn’t about knowledge transfer from the expert to the learner, it’s about clearing a path of discovery, and expertly guiding people down it. Head Instructor at Nashville Software School, Steve Brownlee, shares his research in & experience with Learner Experience Design (LxD). Read More

Topics: Learning

Moving From The Valley To Higher Ground
Jun 6, 2017
In the beginning of my time at Nashville Software School, new concepts felt natural and syntax rules were easy to stomach. However, this season of bliss and clarity would be short lived. It is inevitable to spend some time in the valley during the learning process; it is also an integral stage; a necessary growing pain. In times of confusion or bewilderment, we become keenly aware of our areas of weaknesses and of gaps in our knowledge. If we truly aim to be lifelong learners, it would seem that these opportunities should be embraced and not avoided. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning

Want To Change Careers? You May Need A Mindshift.
Jun 1, 2017
Are you having trouble deciding if you want to shift to a new career? Not sure if you can learn to code? Do you believe you are bad at math or can't learn science? Maybe you are being blocked by your own mind. Maybe what you need before you can tackle anything new is a mindshift. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning

The Very First Sprint | Introducing Students To Agile Development
Apr 20, 2017
Planning can be one of the most difficult practices for students to embrace at the onset of a coding bootcamp. By slowly introducing sprint methodologies and an agile development environment, we can help students start planning and executing like seasoned software developers. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning

Living With Imposter Syndrome
Apr 17, 2017
Does Imposter Syndrome ever go away? Caitlin Stein, a junior instructor, shares how to use imposter syndrome to your advantage. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning

I Can't Do This...
Apr 12, 2017
At some point during our childhood, we’ve all been told that we can be anything we want to be when we grow up. But you need to put in the work and push through obstacles to achieve greater things. Today we hear from Gilbert Diaz, a teaching assistant, about facing failure, taking responsibility for your own future, and overcoming challenges. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning

Back To The Front | The First Week
Apr 10, 2017
My hope is that teaching best practices to novices cultivates an environment of innovation and ingenuity, and as we build increasingly more material on top of foundational principles, grants our newest software developers learning techniques that will aid them as they discover and hone their new craft. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning

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