2023 Tuition Price Increase
Sep 28, 2022
With costs of doing business up across the board, we are announcing an increase in tuition by 5% for our Web Developer Bootcamp (full-time & part-time), Data Analytics Bootcamp (full-time & part-time), and Data Science Bootcamp. This increase will take effect for classes starting in February 2023 and later. Read more about this decision in our latest blog post. Read More

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No Matter Your Background, You Can Start A Tech Career at NSS - 10 Years | 2000 Journeys
Sep 22, 2022
Our students at NSS have come from a wide range of backgrounds. From overnight stockers at super markets, to bartenders, to graphic designers, to biochemists, to photographers, oh, and even GRAMMY award-winning audio engineers - it is still Nashville, after all. Basically, no matter your previous background, there’s room for you in Nashville’s tech scene! Check out our latest episode of 10 Years | 2000 Journeys to hear from 3 NSS alumni who all had different backgrounds! Read More

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NSS Celebrates 10th Anniversary & Nashville Software School Day
Sep 14, 2022
2022 is not only NSS’s 10th anniversary, but we also graduated our 2000th student and soon, our 100th cohort! With so many milestones in one year, there was no question - it was time to party!  Read More

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From The Arts to Analytics | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 7, 2022
Having enjoyed her time in her most recent role with the Nashville Ballet, Abi Inglis of Part-time Data Analytics Cohort 6 decided it was time to go a different direction with her career chose to learn data analytics with NSS! Now, Abi works as a Business Analyst for AllianceBernstein! Way to go, Abi! Read More

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2,000 Graduates | Newest Milestone for NSS
Sep 1, 2022
Well, it’s official! NSS graduated our 2,000th student last month with the August graduation of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 7. It took seven and a half years to reach our 1000th graduate and only another two and a half years to reach our 2000th. I’ll let those numbers sink in for a moment…  Read More

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