Which Program is Right For Me? | Software Engineering or Web Development
Dec 13, 2021
Learn how our new Software Engineering program compares to our Web Development Bootcamps and help decide which program is the best fit for your goals! Our latest blog post compares schedule/cost/logistics, skills taught, who each program is intended for, and jobs prepared for. Read More

Topics: Learning, Web Development, Software Engineering

Clarifying A Few Points On Our New Program Announcement
Nov 10, 2021
Thanks for all your kind words and excitement surrounding Monday’s announcement of our new program! We’ve seen a few things shared that are incorrect & some questions we hadn’t quite anticipated. Here’s a blog post to help clear some of this up! Read More

Topics: Learning, News

Announcing Our New Software Engineering Program
Nov 8, 2021
NSS is collaborating with Amazon to deliver a new training program - Software Engineering with Java/AWS Specialization - John Wark breaks down the details surrounding our latest major announcement. Read More

Topics: Learning, News, Software Engineering

Nov 3, 2021
Last month, Will Johns gave another insightful talk to our Seekers at NSS on the 6 phases of Software Development Life Cycles! Catch a summary of his explanation of the phases and what young developers should understand about agile development methodologies! Read More

Topics: Learning, Web Development

The ASPIRE Data Science Essentials Students Present Their Group Presentations
Oct 27, 2021
NSS Data Program Manager Mahesh Rao shares his experience watching the students of the ASPIRE Data Science Essentials class at Vanderbilt University Medical School present their group projects. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning, Community, Analytics + Data Science

June Data Viz Challenge
Aug 24, 2021
In June our seekers and students from the Analytics + Data Science programs analyzed data from the national parks for our the June Data Viz challenge! Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning, Analytics + Data Science

Code-ing up a storm
Aug 18, 2021
Last month the Metro Nashville Codes Department presented a data challenge to the students of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 4 and asked the students to share their insights into the permit process to help the department better plan their work. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning, Analytics + Data Science

An Intro to Docker
Aug 10, 2021
Recently, Will Johns met with our Seekers to give them an introduction to Docker and share why he thinks graduates should spend some time learning it. Read More

Topics: Learning, Analytics + Data Science

A Data Analyst’s Guide To Preparing For A Technical Interview
Jul 27, 2021
For new Data Scientists or Analysts, technical interviews can be a bit daunting. Ben Hummel, a Senior Data Scientist at Zapier, shares some insight and strategies for how to approach live, online coding technical screening interviews. Read More

Topics: Learning, Analytics + Data Science

Kaggle Competition Aids In Machine Learning Practice
Apr 7, 2021
Students in Data Science Cohort 4 have recently been studying machine learning, and to practice what they’ve been learning they took part in a competition hosted on Kaggle.com. For our competition, the student groups were tasked with building a model to predict the permeability, or ease of fluid flow, through synthetic microstructures. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning, Analytics + Data Science

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