We Have Added Another Web Development Jumpstart - in December
Oct 31, 2019
For everyone who wasn’t able to get into our November Jumpstart, and for anyone trying to personally “test drive” software development before jumping into a bootcamp, we have an early Christmas present - we have added another Web Development Jumpstart to our calendar. Read More

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Hardware Requirements for Bootcamps at NSS
Oct 30, 2019
Students must provide their own laptops for classes at NSS and having the right laptop will make a difference in your bootcamp experience. It's important that you follow these guidelines for machine specifications.  Read More

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Additional Part-time Web Development Bootcamp Added in 2020
Oct 22, 2019
We are pleased to announce that we are increasing the number of part-time Web Development bootcamps from two to three in 2020, allowing us to accommodate an additional 25 to 30 students. For the past four years, we have offered two evening part-time Web Development bootcamps but with the rapid growth in the tech job market in Nashville we have decided that it’s time for us to expand and accommodate more students. Also, for the first time, we will be offering Python with Django in the part-time Web Development Bootcamp. To accommodate the additional class, we are adjusting the start dates for the evening bootcamps to line up with the start of calendar quarters. Read More

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Doing It Anyway: Embracing The Fear Of Failure
Oct 15, 2019
Nashville Software School is a safe place to fail. I tell students this all the time. I say something like, “Failure is part of the process,” or “It’s ok to fail at NSS,” or “Developers fail. We fail all the time.” I say these things with the best of intentions, but, for some reason, students aren’t often comforted.  Read More

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Helping People Find Pets And New Recipes | Graduate Spotlight
Oct 8, 2019
Richard learned about software development from a family member and began to explore it as a career option. He knew software development was the career for him after he learned more about the problem-solving nature of programming and the sense of reward when overcoming obstacles to solve the problem. For his capstone projects, he created an app to help people find their next pet and an app to help culinary creatives keep track of recipes to share. Read More

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Data Analytics Cohort Digs Into Nashville's Scooter Data
Oct 3, 2019
I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have an opinion about scooters in Nashville. So when Peter Bird, Active Transportation Planner for the Metropolitan Nashville Government, refers to himself as one of the most polarizing figures in city government it is clear that he is only half-joking. Peter Bird visited Data Analytics Cohort 1 last month to frame the analysis question using Nashville's scooter data for the class’s first team Python project. Learn what they discovered through analyzing the data. Read More

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We Learn Together | Graduate Spotlight
Oct 1, 2019
Josh Webb was in the food and beverage and hospitality industries for nearly 10 years. He knew if he was going to continue to grow his career in hospitality, that meant management and Josh did not want to be tied to the long, crazy hours that it would require. So he set his mind on a career change. Read More

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