Making Magic | Graduate Spotlight
Mar 28, 2019
Daniel Combs met several developers at his prior job who encouraged him to give coding a try. They shared some resources with Daniel and he quickly became hooked. When he was ready for a career change, Daniel knew he wanted to become a developer. Read More

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Does Having Insurance Affect The Chances Of An Early Cancer Diagnosis? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 26, 2019
Early diagnosis is key for surviving cancer. For his mid-course Data Science capstone project, Ashutosh Singhal explored how health insurance status and the type of health insurance affect at what stage cancer is diagnosed. Read More

Topics: Analytics + Data Science

Change In Start Date Of Data Analytics Bootcamp
Mar 25, 2019
The start of the first Data Analytics Bootcamp has been changed from Tuesday, May 14 to Tuesday, July 9. This change is to accommodate the availability of our new classroom facility (see Nashville Software School Is On The Move). Until we move into the new facility we do not have enough classrooms to accommodate the start of new programs, in fact, that’s the reason we are moving in the first place. Read More

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Does Climate Change Have An Impact On Economies? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 20, 2019
Climate change has been a hot topic for over a decade. Researchers have continued to alert the public about the long-term dangers of rising sea temperatures, an increase in extreme weather events, and even the climate’s impact on the economy. Despite their warnings, there is still sizable opposition to the dangers of climate change. Since the opposition’s opinion is rarely swayed by ecological impacts, Jerry Igiozee wanted to explore the economic impacts of climate change. Read More

Topics: Analytics + Data Science

Mock Interview Leads To Job Offer | Graduate Spotlight
Mar 18, 2019
When Michael Clark was considering his options to learn web development, he knew he wanted a school with a strong career placement program. He chose Nashville Software School and took advantage of all the career programming which helped him to land his first job as a developer. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?

Data Science Students Compete in Kaggle Competition
Mar 12, 2019
Kaggle creates a community to promote learning from others and provides a platform for practicing machine learning. Students in Data Science Cohort 2 recently competed in an Earthquake Prediction competition on Kaggle sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Analytics + Data Science

Seeking Challenge | Graduate Spotlight
Mar 6, 2019
Leo Taylor was looking for a career where he could continue to learn and be challenged. One of his friends suggested web development so he started to explore coding with online learning platforms. He enjoyed it, but knew if he was going to make this a career, he would need a structured, hands-on learning environment. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

Does Phthalate Metabolite Concentration Differ Among Population Groups? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 5, 2019
UrLeaka Newsome’s midcourse capstone project was inspired by a podcast where the guest drew a comparison between consumer spending on health and beauty aid products and health disparities for certain population groups. She explored this claim and learned that research has found a connection between phthalate metabolites and obesity, reproductive and developmental disease, and disorders. Read More

Topics: Analytics + Data Science