Cohort 16 Wraps Up With Successful Demo Day
Mar 29, 2017
Last Friday, 23 graduates from Cohort 16 showcased their front-end and back-end capstone projects for prospective employers. The day started with the opportunity to present to their family and fellow students. By the time hiring managers started to arrive, Cohort 16 was energized and ready. Get to know these 23 graduates. Read More

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Graduate Spotlight Thom, Bernie, Jamie & Chris
Mar 23, 2017
Many of our students attend a bootcamp as a way to change their career. Some even do so after having been successful in another field for 10-20 years. Today we catch up with our final 4 graduates of Cohort 15 and Evening 3. Read More

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Sharing Your Knowledge At Meetups | IN THE COMMUNITY
Mar 20, 2017
Have you thought about presenting at a meetup or conference? Matt Hamil, a Cohort 15 graduate, shares his experience of presenting at two Nashville meetups and offers practical advice on how to decide on a topic and prepare for the presentation. Read More

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Graduate Spotlight | Sandy, Odigene & Matt
Mar 16, 2017
Our evening bootcamp students make big sacrifices to attend NSS. Working full time jobs during the day, they spend two evenings a week and Saturdays in the classroom. They also meet with study groups outside of class at least once a week. They give up fun and family time to pursue a new career in development, but they love the challenge of learning development and leave the program excited about their future. Read More

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Cohort 16 Student's Website Featured In Board Game Podcast
Mar 13, 2017
Sometimes students take their capstones beyond the classroom. Today we look at Cohort 16 student Nathan Baker’s front-end capstone Tabletop Tracker. As an avid board gamer, Nathan understands firsthand how overwhelming it can be to know which new board games should get his attention. Tabletop Tracker shows you which games are climbing the BoardGameGeek, a leading website about board games, rankings the fastest. Read More

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Graduate Spotlight | Janelle, Sylvia & Yonatan
Mar 7, 2017
The decision to change your career is never an easy one. This week we hear from Janelle, Sylvia, and Yonatan who all decided to pursue development as a second career. Read More

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Graduate Spotlight | Jacob, Dayne & Paul
Mar 2, 2017
Many students who start to learn programming on their own soon realize that they would benefit from a structured learning environment. This week we hear from Jacob, Dayne, and Paul. All three wanted to deepen their understanding of programming and credit the collaborative learning environment for helping them do just that. Read More

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An Intro To Contributing To Open Source
Mar 1, 2017
Contributing to an open source project can be daunting, especially for those that are just starting out or those that have lived their life contributing to proprietary software. Nick Lorenson & Max Shenfield put together a hands-on workshop to demonstrate both sides of the coin; how to contribute and how it feels to manage an open source project. Read More

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