Remote Learning For Remote Working
Apr 28, 2020
With many freelancers working 100% remote and even more traditional organizations allowing developers to work remotely at least part of the work week, we want to prepare our students for opportunities of all kinds, including remote work. Read More

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Bridging The Distance
Apr 9, 2020
It turns out the ancient wisdom that warns us that our best-laid plans will often go askew might just be onto something. These days there’s another piece of wisdom I find myself holding to: we’re always stronger than we think we are. This virus has hit us hard, but we’re still standing. We’re remote now, but we’re still teaching and learning. Read More

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Junior Instructors - The Untold Story
Jan 17, 2020
If you've never attended Nashville Software School web development program or spoken to a student or member of the instruction team about what our junior instructors are responsible for, you would be forgiven to think they are like the TAs you saw in college. For us, the role is vital to creating the learning environment that the instruction team wants to provide for the students - the experience we feel we owe to the students who are entrusting us to guide them through the process. Read More

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Doing It Anyway: Embracing The Fear Of Failure
Oct 15, 2019
Nashville Software School is a safe place to fail. I tell students this all the time. I say something like, “Failure is part of the process,” or “It’s ok to fail at NSS,” or “Developers fail. We fail all the time.” I say these things with the best of intentions, but, for some reason, students aren’t often comforted.  Read More

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More Than Code: Benefits Of A Bootcamp | The Benefits And Pitfalls Of Self-Study
Aug 12, 2019
The other week our web development alumni shared the pitfalls they found with self-study when trying to change their careers and what led them to Nashville Software School (NSS). Today, they share how NSS prepared them for the job in ways beyond just learning to code. Here is what they had to say in their own words. Read More

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Building Teams That Learn
Jul 23, 2019
There are many subtle things that go into being an instructor on our team. If you look at our courses on Github (which are open source), you only get the what of the entire experience. It's simply a listing of what we teach and the order in which we do it. That's about 20% of the entire experience. A critical part of our course that isn't recorded anywhere is the group project experience. These projects are the forging fire of student knowledge and understanding. It doesn't come from the instruction staff. We just light the fire, and the students make the steel. Read More

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The Difference Between C# and .NET Through The Lens Of JavaScript
Jul 18, 2019
There’s one question that all students wonder about that we don’t always have time to discuss in class: What’s the difference between C# and .NET? Students hear instructors use the terms seemingly interchangeably and plenty of them probably write the two off as being the same. But they’re not. So how do you explain the difference to a new programmer whose only experience is a few months of writing JavaScript?  Read More

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Are Bootcamps Disrupting Traditional Higher Ed?
Jun 26, 2019
A fascinating discussion that has evolved since our founding and the launch of coding bootcamps in 2012 involves the role(s) of bootcamp-style programs in reshaping, disrupting, and/or complementing traditional higher education. There have been opinions on all sides of these issues over the last seven years. As time has passed, we now have a small bit of track record and evolution of bootcamps to assess, and as traditional colleges and universities have started to co-opt the bootcamp model in various ways, the discussions have started to get a bit more consequential.  Read More

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What If They Find Me out? Facing Imposter Syndrome
Jun 25, 2019
Our programs are hard. Seriously hard. For many of our students going through, NSS is the hardest thing they’ve ever done. Students often question whether they’re cut out for all this. Maybe they’re not learning enough? Maybe they’re too slow? Maybe they’re not smart enough? Maybe they don’t feel the passion for technology that they hear they’re supposed to feel? Whether you’ve been a student at NSS or not, if you do anything related to technology, I suspect these doubts will sound familiar. Read More

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Do You Have A Data Question That Needs Analysis?
May 22, 2019
From the beginning, students in our data science classes have worked on projects with companies that have shared data (either company data or public data) and one or more questions their business would like to have answered by that data. This provides a tremendous experience, whereby our students get exposed to data from a variety of domains while working to answer questions that would provide real value. Learn how you can provide data or a data question for our analytics and data science bootcamps. Read More

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