Back To The Front | The First Week
Apr 10, 2017
My hope is that teaching best practices to novices cultivates an environment of innovation and ingenuity, and as we build increasingly more material on top of foundational principles, grants our newest software developers learning techniques that will aid them as they discover and hone their new craft. Read More

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The Philosophy Behind The Mastery Learning Process | Stories From The Hackery Ep. 8
Dec 9, 2016
In Episode 8 of Stories from The Hackery, Steve Brownlee, Lead Instructor here at NSS, speaks with John Wark about the philosophy behind the Mastery Learning Process and fostering a learning environment that produces productive, inquisitive developers. Steve takes a deep-dive into how both students and local employers contribute to the continuous evolution of the core curriculum. Read More

Topics: Learning, Hiring?

The Evolution Of Mobile Apps, IOS, And Swift | Stories From The Hackery Ep. 4
Jun 30, 2016
iOS and Swift continue to rapidly evolve. Van Simmons previews our upcoming iOS mobile development class and discusses how the changing nature of Swift is causing us to evolve our iOS class. Van also talks about the rapid emergence of idiomatic conventions for developing apps in Swift, his experience building multiple major iOS apps in Swift, and the potential for Swift as a language for server-side development. Read More

Topics: Learning, Technology Insights

Back To School - From Student to TA
Jan 25, 2014
One year ago I began one of the hardest, but most enjoyable 6 months of my life. I began the NSS Software Development Bootcamp and put myself on the path to a new career as a coder. I went from a forty-something guy with an increasingly outdated set of professional tools to having the skills I needed to enter the cutting-edge field of software development. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Learning

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