Returning To Web Development | Graduate Spotlight
Dec 17, 2018
Michael Roberts’ love for technology began when his dad gave him a Commodore 64. He started his career as a web developer but moved to the infrastructure side of tech and eventually recruiting. After meeting a few NSS grads, Michael knew he was ready to return to development. Read More

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Persistence + Commitment: Key To a New Career | Graduate Spotlight
Nov 27, 2018
Shuaib Sajid was an MRI technologist for 12 years, but he was ready for a new challenge where he could use his creativity, have a better work-life balance, and find a sense of purpose. Hear how the closing of one bootcamp led him to NSS where he was able to double his knowledge and learn back-end development, something he would have missed out on with a shorter bootcamp. Read More

Topics: Hiring?, Student Stories

It's Not Supposed To Be Easy | Graduate Spotlight
Nov 19, 2018
Lauren Richert worked in higher education administration as a college registrar. She loved being in a learning environment and working with data and reporting. When the college she worked for merged with another school, she began to explore her options. She heard about Nashville Software School (NSS) and attended an info session. Afterwards, she decided that learning more technology would be helpful, as education is becoming more technology driven and it could help advance her career in higher education. Read More

Topics: Hiring?, Student Stories

Finding Your Path After Military Service | Graduate Spotlight
Oct 23, 2018
The transition from military life to civilian life can be challenging. When Dillan Teagle left the military he was struggling with PTSD and set low expectations for himself. But then he started to learn to code and found a career path that motivated him with continuous learning. Read More

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Banking On A New Career | Graduate Spotlight
Oct 17, 2018
Ronnie Young was a construction loan processor for a bank in Kansas City before he and his fiancé decided to move closer to home. Before their move to Nashville, Ronnie spent his free time exploring software development and job opportunities in technology. After arriving in Nashville, he decided to make the leap into software development rather than finding a new job in banking. Read More

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Taking Analytics Beyond A Spreadsheet | Data Graduate Spotlight
Sep 13, 2018
Before attending Nashville Software School’s (NSS) Data Science Bootcamp, Justin Rothbart was a workforce analyst for an insurance company. He was working with Excel and SQL but was looking to grow as an analyst and learn more tools. As he explored ways to automate parts of his job, he kept running into Python and R which sparked his interest in programming. He started to look at Master’s programs, but found NSS’s data science program and decided to apply. Read More

Topics: Data Science, Student Stories

Capturing A New Career | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 7, 2018
Before attending Nashville Software School (NSS), Dan Watson was a professional photographer. After dabbling in web development to create a website for his business, he knew he wanted to learn more and eventually work for a company instead of himself. Dan’s creative background was perfect for our first front-end web designer/developer bootcamp and he made the decision to join Cohort 24. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, UI/UX

Changing User Experience At An Art Museum | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 2, 2018
After an injury ended her career as a ballerina, Lindsay Mulhollen was doing media design and lighting design for live productions. When she moved to Nashville, she decided that she wanted to find a steady career path that still allowed her to focus on her love of the arts. Read More

Topics: UI/UX, Student Stories

Barista Serves Up User Experience | Graduate Spotlight
Jul 31, 2018
After college, Amber Sharpe worked a variety of jobs including managing area Airbnbs and as a barista. She loved the variety of jobs she had, but was ready for a career. Her husband and several of their friends are NSS graduates, and they encouraged her to give development a try. Amber joined Cohort 24, our first front-end web designer/developer cohort. Read More

Topics: UI/UX, Hiring?, Student Stories

Education + Real-World Preparation For Your Career | Graduate Spotlight
Jul 17, 2018
David Dassau graduated college in 2014 with a degree in web design. The degree helped get him started in web and graphic design, but it didn’t really prepare him for a career in either field. He spent his free time learning more about both fields and found that he really enjoyed web development. While he was thinking about ways to add web development to his skill set, his friend, a developer at a local company that hires Nashville Software School graduates, encouraged him to look into NSS. Read More

Topics: Student Stories

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