Do You Accept Cache? | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 27, 2017
While many of our grads come from similar fields, they all bring their own unique experience that enhances their development skills. This week we meet Drew Martin and Nick Chemsak, two guys who have experience in the financial service industry. Drew was a banker, but also has experience as an auto mechanic and graphic designer. Nick worked in IT for a credit union and was responsible for automating several processes. Here are their stories. Read More

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Celebrating Women In Tech | IN THE COMMUNITY
Apr 24, 2017
Last Thursday night, the organizations that support women in technology came together for one giant event! The Nashville Entrepreneur Center was filled with old and new friends as we celebrated the impact women are making in the Nashville tech community. Women attended from Nashville Girl Geek Dinner, Women in Technology Tennessee (WiTT), Women Get IT, Tech Ladies, and Nashville Women Programmers. While each of these organizations offers different environments and programs, they all seek to empower women in tech. Read More

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The Very First Sprint | Introducing Students To Agile Development
Apr 20, 2017
Planning can be one of the most difficult practices for students to embrace at the onset of a coding bootcamp. By slowly introducing sprint methodologies and an agile development environment, we can help students start planning and executing like seasoned software developers. Read More

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Making The Leap From Music To Development | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 19, 2017
It’s no secret that Nashville is known as Music City. While dozens of people move here every day to pursue a career in music, some of those who have been in the industry for a while are ready for a new chapter in their life. This group of graduates all came from careers in music. They bring skills like teamwork, creativity, and problem solving under pressure...all great skills for software developers. Here are their stories. Read More

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Living With Imposter Syndrome
Apr 17, 2017
Does Imposter Syndrome ever go away? Caitlin Stein, a junior instructor, shares how to use imposter syndrome to your advantage. Read More

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Web Development For Beginners | NSS Introduces A New Course
Apr 14, 2017
Are you intrigued by web development? Web Development Jumpstart is a short course that offers students an accelerated introduction to web development technologies and careers. By the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of the core web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and be able to build and deploy your own website. Read More

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I Can't Do This...
Apr 12, 2017
At some point during our childhood, we’ve all been told that we can be anything we want to be when we grow up. But you need to put in the work and push through obstacles to achieve greater things. Today we hear from Gilbert Diaz, a teaching assistant, about facing failure, taking responsibility for your own future, and overcoming challenges. Read More

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Back To The Front | The First Week
Apr 10, 2017
My hope is that teaching best practices to novices cultivates an environment of innovation and ingenuity, and as we build increasingly more material on top of foundational principles, grants our newest software developers learning techniques that will aid them as they discover and hone their new craft. Read More

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