Seven Questions Junior Developers Should Ask in Any Interview
Feb 21, 2018
New junior developers are often a bit buffaloed by the interview process associated with hiring software developers. Things like whiteboard challenges and code tests are not the kinds of things most of our grads have ever seen before in whatever jobs they had prior to NSS. And, new grads can get so focused on their need to sell themselves that they forget that interviews are two-way conversations where both parties - employer and interviewee - are trying to decide if working together makes sense. Read More

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From Traditional Education To Hands-On Learning | Graduate Spotlight
Feb 15, 2018
A recent high school graduate, a recent college graduate, and a teacher...these three Cohort 21 graduates decided to give hands-on learning a try. Malcolm wanted to pursue his new-found passion, Fang wanted to combine his biomedical engineering skills with the logic and creativity of coding, and Matt wanted to leave teaching and pursue a career where he could still make a difference. Read More

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Exploring Space Through Data With NASA Datanauts
Feb 14, 2018
When you think of NASA, you probably think of the space race, walking on the moon, or a potential mission to Mars. NASA is built on exploration and as a result of that, they have collected lots and lots of data. They currently have over 39,000 data sets! With all of this data and declining funding, NASA is turning to the community to find answers through Datanauts. Read More

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Making A Difference Through Development | Graduate Spotlight
Feb 9, 2018
This week we meet two cohort 21 graduates, Dan Certa and Dr. Teresa Vasquez. Both created capstones that make life a little easier for their users, whether it’s a busy parent or an adult with autism. Read More

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Global Game Jam Sparks Creativity
Feb 6, 2018
During the last weekend of January teams from around the world gathered for the annual Global Game Jam (GGJ), a 48-hour game hackathon. This year’s theme was “Transmission.” Over 42,000 jammers made 8,600 games at 800 sites in over 100 countries! In Nashville, over 100 game fans gathered to imagine, design, and build 25 different games. Several NSS students and alumni participated in the fun-filled weekend. Read More

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