Alumni Spotlight: Kimmy Bird | Stories From The Hackery
Apr 10, 2024
In this Alumni Spotlight, we catch up with Full-time Web Development Cohort 22 alumna Kimmy Bird to discuss her NSS journey. From her time as a product owner at an international education company to now working as an Elixir backend developer in Germany, hear about the diverse paths NSS graduates have access to in the tech industry after graduation. Read More

Topics: Alumni, Web Development

Exploring the Bash Shell: Bash “One-Liners”
Apr 3, 2024
Former Nashville Software School instructors Charlie Penner and Andy Collins dive into the fundamentals of constructing Bash commands in this example-driven and witty talk. Read More

Topics: Learning, Web Development, Software Engineering

Gabe Guio - Graduate Spotlight | Stories from the Hackery
Mar 27, 2024
In this episode of Stories from the Hackery, NSS Graduate Gabe Guio shares how he was connected with the team at DataTune Nashville and what tools he used to create the applications for the conference. Read More

Topics: Learning, Hiring?, Community, Analytics + Data Science, Technology Insights, Web Development, Software Engineering

Career Development Services at Nashville Software School
Mar 20, 2024
From mock interviews, to resume talks and Demo Day scheduling, there’s no shortage of opportunities for our students to gain the skills necessary to their job search after graduation.! In the latest episode of Stories from the Hackery, NSS’s Career Development Team Lead, Ashley Canino, and Career Development Specialist, Michael Frieh, talk about how they work with every student at NSS to prepare them for their job search post-graduation! Read More

Topics: Learning, Community, Analytics + Data Science, Get Involved, Web Development

The Developer's Ally: GenAI's True Role in Software Creation | Stories from the Hackery Podcast
Mar 13, 2024
As the popularity of LLMs continues to grow, Nashville Software School founder and CEO John Wark sits down with Full-time Lead Instructor, Steve Brownlee, to discuss Steve’s experiments with generative AI as a tool for developers. Read More

Topics: Learning, Technology Insights, Web Development, Software Engineering

3 Tips for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for a Job in Tech with Mike Rapp
Feb 28, 2024
Unlock the potential of your LinkedIn profile for your tech job hunt with Mike Rapp's expert tips! Mike presented these strategies to a group of Seekers at NSS, and we get to share them with you today! Discover how to connect with recruiters, optimize your skills section, and fine-tune your resume for maximum impact: Read More

Topics: Learning, Analytics + Data Science, Web Development

Embracing Blameless Analysis in Engineering: A Game-Changer for Team Dynamics and System Reliability
Feb 22, 2024
Nashville Software School's very own Jody Alford sheds light on the power of blameless analysis in engineering in our latest blog post! Discover how it unlocks a path to constructive feedback, human-centric problem-solving, and continuous innovation in this blog. Read More

Topics: Learning, Web Development, Software Engineering

Adjusting Web Development Cohort Offerings For Demand
Feb 21, 2024
Today, we are announcing that the April & October cohorts of the full-time Web Developer Bootcamp will not be offered in 2024. Check the blog for details. Read More

Topics: News, Web Development

Forbes Ranks NSS Among Best Coding + Data Bootcamps in the U.S.
Feb 14, 2024
Recently, NSS was honored to be ranked among the top online bootcamps in the U.S. across several categories by Forbes. 🧡 Check out what Forbes had to say about NSS in our latest blog post! Read More

Topics: News, Community, Web Development

5 Tips for Navigating Job Scams On the Job Search with Kate Rogers
Jan 31, 2024
Navigating the job search can be tricky, 😮‍💨 especially with the rise of scams targeting job seekers. In a recent Seekers meeting, Kate Rogers shared insights on spotting job scams. Here are 5 crucial tips to stay safe! Read More

Topics: Alumni, Analytics + Data Science, Web Development, Software Engineering

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