The Cloud: More Than Just A Buzzword
Jun 2, 2022
It can be hard to understand something you can’t see. To some, “the cloud” may seem like an elusive buzzword, but it has become a major element in software development and IT infrastructure. Check out our blog post to learn more! Read More

Topics: Learning, Technology Insights, Web Development, Software Engineering

The Confidence to Sojourn On | Graduate Spotlight
May 24, 2022
Before Doug Silvera was a member of Full-time Web Development Cohort 53 at NSS, he was leading many teams within the service industry. After his family welcomed their second child, Doug decided that the work hours in his industry were too demanding to sustain a healthy work-life balance and he needed a change. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

Ability Is Nothing Without Opportunity -  10 Years | 2,000 Journeys Podcast
May 4, 2022
From day one, Nashville Software School saw the need for more local tech talent as a way to create paths for individuals to access high-paying careers who are financially disadvantaged or are from under-represented groups in tech. In this episode, host Clark Buckner sits down with two NSS alumni who have made the most of the opportunities available through NSS. Read More

Topics: Alumni, Get Involved, 10 Years | 2000 Journeys, Web Development

Challenge ACCEPTED! | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 19, 2022
In her previous career, Candace Ntembo of E15 worked closely with developers which helped her decide that she’d like to make a change and learn software development for herself! Learn more about Candace in our latest Grad Spot! Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

Not Ready For Retirement | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 12, 2022
After retiring from serving in the Air Force as a chaplain, Kevin Lockett of Cohort 52 decided it was a bit too early for “the rocking chair” for him & took on a whole new challenge, learning to code! Learn more about Kevin by listening to his podcast! Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

Helping Others Overcome Addictions | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 5, 2022
Tatiana Johnson of E15 is a DJ & was a Digital Content & Customer Experience manager. But working with web developers inspired her to learn more about the tech field! Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Web Development

The Live Online Learning Experience at NSS
Mar 30, 2022
With our hands-on, synchronous online learning environment, students get real-time interactions with their instructors and classmates while still having all the perks of remote learning. Discover the pros of online learning with NSS! Read More

Topics: Learning, Analytics + Data Science, Web Development, Software Engineering

How to Become a Mobile App Developer
Mar 28, 2022
Curious how you become a mobile app developer? Check out the advice that Christopher Cotton recently shared with our web development students for building your skills while you’re on the job search! Read More

Topics: Learning, Web Development

How to Build Your First Mobile App
Mar 21, 2022
Ever wondered what skills are required to build your first mobile app? Discover what Christopher Cotton shared with our web dev students in our latest blog post! Read More

Topics: Learning, UI/UX, Web Development

Making Memories with Smilestones| Graduate Spotlight
Mar 14, 2022
After a 20 year career in the Air Force, Michael Wright of C51 decided it was time for a career change and looked to NSS for his next step in learning web development! Learn about Michael’s capstone projects in our latest Graduate Spotlight! Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

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