What's the Difference Between Python and Django?
Nov 9, 2022
At NSS, our job is to give beginners a clear path of discovery to learn the fundamentals of coding, help them develop the ability to think algorithmically, and build a strong vocabulary. That’s why NSS Instructor, Steve Brownlee, is diving into the differences between Python and Django over on our blog! Read More

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Becoming A Web Development Instructor
Nov 1, 2022
For Caroline Madison, leading cohorts through the first three months of their bootcamp is one of the most fulfilling gigs she’s ever done next to being a mom. “My job is to remind each of my students that their growth and outcome will depend on the amount of effort they’re willing to put in. They just have to show up and try." Read More

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Investing In Yourself | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 25, 2022
Chelsea Harris-Washington was working at Asurion as a Tech Support Coach when an opportunity arose for her to upskill through Asurion’s Software Engineering Apprenticeship with NSS. Chelsea jumped at the opportunity! Now that she’s graduated from NSS, she is working as a software engineer apprentice at Asurion! Great job, Chelsea! Read More

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Why Students Choose NSS for Web + Software Development
Aug 24, 2022
Students from all different walks of life come to NSS to gain the skills they need to start a career in tech! Their reasons for choosing NSS are plentiful, as are their options for how to gain new tech skills. So when someone chooses NSS, we do not take their decision lightly! Check out the reasons our alumni had to say shortly after graduating about why they chose NSS. Read More

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Continuously Learning | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 17, 2022
Since graduating from his full-time web development bootcamp at NSS, Airris has accepted a Software Developer position with HCA Healthcare. Way to go, Airris! Check out our latest graduate spotlight to listen to more of Airris’ NSS Journey on his podcas Read More

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Designer Turned Developer | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 15, 2022
Before attending NSS, Zach Dugger of Full-time Web Development Cohort 54 was a graphic designer in Chattanooga. Since graduating from C54, Zach has been working as a Front-End Developer Intern at Datably Inc. Congrats, Zach! Read More

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Learning Every Day | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 8, 2022
Austin Parker of Part-time Web Development Cohort Evening 16 found a job before his cohort’s Demo Day and now works at Twin Sun Solutions as a Software Developer. Get to know more about Austin’s NSS experience by listening to his podcast in our latest Graduate Spotlight! Read More

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From Tech Support to Developer | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 3, 2022
Before beginning her journey at NSS, Mary Beth Hunter was working as a Distance Learning Technician for the University of Mississippi. Since graduating from NSS, Mary Beth has joined the Interactive Development team at GS&F in Nashville - way to go, Mary Beth! Read More

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Learn SQL With Advanced SQL for Developers
Jul 26, 2022
Looking to improve your working knowledge of SQL? See what Advanced SQL for Developers students have to say about the course in our latest blog post! Read More

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Ready To Level Up | Graduate Spotlight
Jul 25, 2022
Jaimie Hart was working independently as a WordPress web designer and SEO content writer for 5 years. Learn how Jaimie took her development skills to the next level with a full-stack bootcamp at NSS in our latest Graduate Spotlight! Read More

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