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John started programming professionally at age 19. After a long and multifarious career in technology, he founded NSS in 2012. He believed that Nashville's technology talent shortage would never be solved by trying to import experienced developers from other cities or by waiting for colleges and universities to start graduating enough students and/or appropriately trained students. He also had faith that Nashville had an ample supply of motivated adults with latent aptitude who, if offered a chance, would eagerly pursue a career in technology.
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2023 Tuition Price Increase
Sep 28, 2022
With costs of doing business up across the board, we are announcing an increase in tuition by 5% for our Web Developer Bootcamp (full-time & part-time), Data Analytics Bootcamp (full-time & part-time), and Data Science Bootcamp. This increase will take effect for classes starting in February 2023 and later. Read more about this decision in our latest blog post. Read More

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2,000 Graduates | Newest Milestone for NSS
Sep 1, 2022
Well, it’s official! NSS graduated our 2,000th student last month with the August graduation of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 7. It took seven and a half years to reach our 1000th graduate and only another two and a half years to reach our 2000th. I’ll let those numbers sink in for a moment…  Read More

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A New Pathway To Tech: Software Engineering Program
Aug 9, 2022
This summer, we launched our brand new Software Engineering with Java/AWS Specialization program in collaboration with Amazon. It is a nine-month, full-time deep dive into designing, building, testing, and deploying the server-side of large-scale enterprise applications. Read More

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Redesigning the Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp
Jul 19, 2022
We’ve redesigned our Front-end Designer/Developer Bootcamp and will soon be offering it to full-time and part-time students. Check out our blog post to learn how this will open more opportunities for NSS students! Read More

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2000 Journeys Through NSS
Jun 14, 2022
It’s a summer of big milestones at NSS. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our founding and our first cohort of students, NSS Founder and CEO John Wark reflects on the milestones we’ve got to look forward to this summer! Read More

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NSS Is Now Permanently "Online First"
May 11, 2022
People have been asking for two years when we would start offering classes in person again and our answer has been some variation of “we’re not sure”. Well, we now know a definitive answer to that question so we’re sharing it with everyone here.  NSS is now online first for all of our classes. Read More

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Understanding the Admissions Process for our Software Engineering Program
Dec 15, 2021
This is the first time that we’ve launched a program that takes a different approach. Learn how the process works, how we’re protecting our operating principles and values, and what an applicant can expect at each step! Read More

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Which Program is Right For Me? | Software Engineering or Web Development
Dec 13, 2021
Learn how our new Software Engineering program compares to our Web Development Bootcamps and help decide which program is the best fit for your goals! Our latest blog post compares schedule/cost/logistics, skills taught, who each program is intended for, and jobs prepared for. Read More

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Clarifying A Few Points On Our New Program Announcement
Nov 10, 2021
Thanks for all your kind words and excitement surrounding Monday’s announcement of our new program! We’ve seen a few things shared that are incorrect & some questions we hadn’t quite anticipated. Here’s a blog post to help clear some of this up! Read More

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Announcing Our New Software Engineering Program
Nov 8, 2021
NSS is collaborating with Amazon to deliver a new training program - Software Engineering with Java/AWS Specialization - John Wark breaks down the details surrounding our latest major announcement. Read More

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