The Process of Beginning A New Career in Data Analytics | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 30, 2020
Around the time Lori Butler left her previous position in accounting and payroll managing, her husband also began making a career transition. That’s when they discovered Nashville Software School. After a 3 month job search, Lori is joining HealthStream as a Process Analyst. Read More

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We Have A Problem - You Can Help Us Solve It
Sep 28, 2020
2020 has been quite the year. For NSS, it began with the celebration of our 1000th graduate in February. But one month later, the pandemic hit and we all faced new challenges. There were all kinds of gaps between how we did things and how COVID-19 required us to act. But, there’s one big gap we haven’t been able to close - the slowdown in hiring of junior software developers, data analysts, and data scientists that started in mid-March. Here's how you can help. Read More

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The Teacher Becomes the Student | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 28, 2020
Charity Bunyon was an English teacher who was introduced to Web Development one day by one of her students in class. She knew from then on that she wanted to become a Developer. Now a graduate of Part-time Web Development Cohort Evening 10, Charity is continuing to build her skill set by learning Python and taking a Data Structures and Algorithms course and looking for her first Full-stack position as a junior web developer. Read More

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The 2020 Analytics Summit Embraces The Virtual Experience
Sep 24, 2020
The buzz from this year’s Analytics Summit is still lingering in the virtual halls of NSS. On Monday and Tuesday, many of our Analytics + Data Science students had the opportunity to attend The Analytics Summit and learn more about data and the career paths they have chosen. Read More

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The Missing Puzzle Piece | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 23, 2020
After a career teaching French at the University of Kentucky, Sarah H. Landolt decided it was time for a pivot and looked into learning software development when a friend suggested she check out Nashville Software School. Now a graduate of Web Development Cohort 39, she is ready to find her first full stack job that will allow her to continue building her experience as a developer! Read More

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Turning Ideas Into Reality | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 21, 2020
Michael Carroll discovered his interest in Web Development when he had an idea for an application to help improve his community but no idea how to build it. Michael found some independent study options but realized he needed a full-time, hands-on approach to learning code. That’s when an acquaintance suggested Nashville Software School. Read More

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The Community That Comes with Coding | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 16, 2020
Philip Martin was continually intrigued by how technology intersected with his work as a musician and audio engineer. After talking with several of his friends in the music industry who also worked as web developers, he was inspired to research it for himself and discovered Nashville Software School (NSS). Now a junior developer, Philip is most excited to work in back-end development. Read More

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Creative, Curious, and Coding | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 14, 2020
As a digital marketer with a marketing agency in Florida, Connor Sullivan was able to dabble in some HTML and CSS, but was no longer excited about the work and the lack of potential growth opportunities. With his background in building landing pages and SEM analytics, Connor decided to shift his path to software development. Read More

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Listening To Your Inner Voice | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 10, 2020
Even though Laura Collins built websites in high school, a career in tech didn’t seem like a path she could pursue. While bouncing around from job to job trying to find something she enjoyed, her inner voice kept reminding her about how much she loved programming. Find out how she decided web development was the career for her in our latest Graduate Spotlight! Read More

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Help The Families of MNPS Get Online
Sep 9, 2020
We have two urgent volunteer opportunities with MNPS to help students, families, and teachers with their laptops for virtual learning. Very little technical experience is needed to volunteer.  Read More

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All Signs Point To NSS | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 7, 2020
Alex Curnow first became interested in web development through conversations with his band's manager who was building websites. After a few years of putting it off, two separate conversations led Alex to start exploring it for himself. “That’s when I decided it was time to accelerate my learning, so I applied to NSS,” he explains. Read More

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I Can Build That! | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 2, 2020
When Ivan Phelps discovered Nashville Software School, he was looking for career where he could continue to grow and advance. Now a graduate of Part-time Web Development Cohort Evening 10, Ivan is excited to find his first job as a junior developer where he can progress in his skill sets as a programmer. Read More

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Data Analytics SQL Challenge
Sep 1, 2020
Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 1...The challenge, should you choose to accept it: Complete a series of SQL exercises and achieve a kyu rating of 6 or less and receive a free lunch on your instructor. Free lunch? Challenge Accepted! Find out how Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 1 did with this challenge. Read More

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