A Team Experience | Graduate Spotlight
May 31, 2022
“The NSS experience is very much a team experience and allows you the opportunity to develop real friendships” Check out what Parker Hanna of DDA6 had to share about his online learning experience with NSS: Read More

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The Confidence to Sojourn On | Graduate Spotlight
May 24, 2022
Before Doug Silvera was a member of Full-time Web Development Cohort 53 at NSS, he was leading many teams within the service industry. After his family welcomed their second child, Doug decided that the work hours in his industry were too demanding to sustain a healthy work-life balance and he needed a change. Read More

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Building Great Connections | Graduate Spotlight
May 19, 2022
Ronit Rapoport’s analytics capstone project compared outcomes of births in hospitals versus freestanding birth centers in the U.S. Learn how she gathered the data and what she learned from the project when you listen to her podcast in our latest Grad Spot! ( Read More

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Goal Achieved! 10 Scholarships Funded During The Big Payback
May 17, 2022
NSS wants to further this impact and honor Asher Styers, a student in Web Development Cohort Evening 17 who passed away this spring. In his memory, we are adding five additional $1,000 scholarships to our Big Payback total of $10,402. Read more in our latest blog post: Read More

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NSS Is Now Permanently "Online First"
May 11, 2022
People have been asking for two years when we would start offering classes in person again and our answer has been some variation of “we’re not sure”. Well, we now know a definitive answer to that question so we’re sharing it with everyone here.  NSS is now online first for all of our classes. Read More

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Ability Is Nothing Without Opportunity -  10 Years | 2,000 Journeys Podcast
May 4, 2022
From day one, Nashville Software School saw the need for more local tech talent as a way to create paths for individuals to access high-paying careers who are financially disadvantaged or are from under-represented groups in tech. In this episode, host Clark Buckner sits down with two NSS alumni who have made the most of the opportunities available through NSS. Read More

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