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Mandy has been following developers & tech companies at meetups since 2016. She is NSS’s chief content wrangler, a.k.a. marketing manager. When she’s not writing blogs, managing social media, pestering instructors & graduates for content, or attending meetups, you can find her traveling the world or at home with her beloved dog Lola.
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Hack-tastic Hack-o-ween Hackathon
Nov 13, 2019
During the last weekend of October, the ghosts and goblins – I mean students and alumni – invaded Nashville Software School (NSS) for Hack-o-ween, our second student/alumni hackathon. Over 50 web developers and data scientists worked throughout the weekend to reach MVP on five different projects. Read More

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Hardware Requirements for Bootcamps at NSS
Oct 30, 2019
Students must provide their own laptops for classes at NSS and having the right laptop will make a difference in your bootcamp experience. It's important that you follow these guidelines for machine specifications.  Read More

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Helping People Find Pets And New Recipes | Graduate Spotlight
Oct 8, 2019
Richard learned about software development from a family member and began to explore it as a career option. He knew software development was the career for him after he learned more about the problem-solving nature of programming and the sense of reward when overcoming obstacles to solve the problem. For his capstone projects, he created an app to help people find their next pet and an app to help culinary creatives keep track of recipes to share. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

We Learn Together | Graduate Spotlight
Oct 1, 2019
Josh Webb was in the food and beverage and hospitality industries for nearly 10 years. He knew if he was going to continue to grow his career in hospitality, that meant management and Josh did not want to be tied to the long, crazy hours that it would require. So he set his mind on a career change. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

Software Development Jobs in Middle Tennessee: Report Release & Panel Discussion (Live Podcast)
Sep 30, 2019
In August, Dr. Amy Harris presented the “2019 Software Developers in Middle Tennessee” report at Nashville Software School’s open house. If you missed the event or wished you could go back and hear it again, now you can! You can catch the full recording on our blog. Read More

Topics: Hiring?, Community, Web Development

DevOps + Developer | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 18, 2019
Marco was already working as a cloud automation engineer/DevOps, but found that he needed additional skills to meet the changing industry. “I wanted to keep adding to my skill set to keep me employable. The industry is moving to a point where you can no longer be an Operations person or Developer person,” Marco explained. He first heard about Nashville Software School when he was working at LeanKit. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Web Development

AWS Courses Coming To NSS In October
Sep 11, 2019
We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to partner with Amazon to offer their AWS training classes to the Nashville community, taught by Amazon's own instructors, at NSS and at a discount to normal market prices. Our first offerings will be AWS Technical Essentials, Architecting on AWS, and Developing on AWS. Read More

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Returning To The Workforce | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 10, 2019
Ripal Patel used a lot of software applications in her prior job and was always curious about the magic happening behind the scenes. When she paused her career to be a stay-at-home mother, Ripal began to explore coding. She was hooked. When she heard about Nashville Software School (NSS), she knew it would be a great way to not only change her career but re-enter the workforce. She joined our part-time web development bootcamp for Cohort Evening 8. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Web Development

Flying A Drone With JavaScript and Node.js | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 30, 2019
Wayne Collier has been interested in technology since he was young. By the age of fourteen, he was a licensed amateur radio operator. His interest in coding began while working for Waste Management where he was introduced to Post Scripting Language (PSL). Read more to hear about his web application that can fly a drone. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

Vanderbilt University Medical Center's BRET Program, Data Science Essentials, Receives Second Prize 2019 AAMC Innovations in Research and Research Education Award
Aug 27, 2019
Congratulations to our friends at Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Office of Biomedical Research Education and Training (BRET) on their 2019 AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) Innovations in Research and Research Education Award second prize award for their Data Science Essentials program. Read More

Topics: News, Community, Analytics + Data Science

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