Meet Dr. Teresa Vasquez | Full Stack Web Development Graduate
Jun 5, 2019
Dr. Teresa Vasquez was a part of Web Development Cohort 21, a six month, full-time, full stack bootcamp. She graduated in January 2018. Before Nashville Software School (NSS), she had been laid off from her job and was a stay-at-home mom. In this video, she shares about being Black in tech, Nashville Opportunity Tuition, and the NSS alumni community. Read More

Topics: Alumni, Student Stories, Web Development

Behind The Design: Data Science T-shirt
May 21, 2019
We have a lot of visually creative alumni that have lent their talents to NSS over the years, so when we needed a new t-shirt design for our data science program, we knew where to turn. Rather than select a single alum to design a shirt, we held a little design contest. See the winning design. Read More

Topics: Alumni, Analytics + Data Science

Building Relationships Is Key | Eric Denton - Cohort 14
Dec 4, 2018
Eric Denton graduated with Cohort 14 in November 2016. His journey with Nashville Software School (NSS) actually started with the UI & UX for Digital Product Design course. Eric is now a UX Designer / Junior Developer and uses the skills he learned in the full stack bootcamp and part-time UI & UX for Digital Product Design course. Read More

Topics: Alumni, UI/UX

2018 Hack For The Community A Success
Apr 17, 2018
After 36 hours, there was still a lot of energy in the room as the 20 Hack For The Community teams shared what they built with their fellow developers, designers, and community members. Nearly 30 NSS students and alumni participated in the hackathon. I caught up with a few of them to talk about their experience. Read More

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Oh, The Things You'll Learn | Matthew McCord - Cohort 16
Mar 1, 2018
It has been almost a year since Matthew McCord graduated from NSS as a part of Cohort 16. Ten months into his first tech job at Bernard Health as a full stack developer, Matthew hasn’t stopped learning. Through support on the job and exploring his own interests in game development, he has grown a lot as a developer. Read More

Topics: Alumni, Learning

Find Your Place In Technology | Megan Freeman - Cohort 9
Jan 22, 2018
Megan Freeman went through NSS’s web development bootcamp as a part of Cohort 9. She left a career in business dentistry to purse software development. Her six months at NSS laid the groundwork for her first job in tech by exposing Megan to current technologies. This made it easier for her to go deeper and learn more on the job. Read More

Topics: Alumni, Student Stories

Take A Risk... Start A New Career | Bryan Duplantis - Cohort 9
Jan 15, 2018
Bryan Duplantis had a long career in the television industry before he decided to give software development a try. Prior to bootcamp, he had no knowledge about software development and no understanding of the work that goes into building a website. He is now a technical business analyst and IT support manager. Read More

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Nodevember Brings Opportunities For NSS Alumni
Nov 29, 2017
We spent the last two days hanging out at Nodevember meeting developers from around the country, catching up with alumni, and listening to a lot of great talks! A few of those talks came from our alumni. We heard from Delaine Wendling on D3, Matt Hamil on ReactVR (both from Cohort 15 which graduated this past January), and Aimee Knight from Cohort 4 gave a keynote on debugging stylesheets. Read More

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The Learning Doesn't Stop When You Graduate | Seth Dorris - Cohort 10
Nov 27, 2017
Seth Dorris was an Army Captain prior to joining Cohort 10 at NSS. He’s now is a full-stack developer for Sierra Trading Post and the learning hasn't stopped...from databases such as PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MySQL, and MongoDB, to technologies such as Node.JS, ASP.NET, Angular and React. Seth offers advice on defining your career objectives and coding outside of work to grow your skills faster. Read More

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Early Adopter | Sam Walton - Cohort 1
Nov 20, 2017
When a student considers attending NSS today, many of them spend a lot of time researching the school. They look at reviews on Course Report, read our blog, comb through every page of our website, and talk with our graduates. But five years ago, none of that existed...well we had a website with a few blogs that read more like social media updates than blog posts, but there were no reviews or graduates to talk to. In fact, even the idea of a coding bootcamp was still a new concept. So who were these early adopters that decided to take a chance on NSS as part of our very first cohort? Read More

Topics: Alumni, Student Stories

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