Full-time Web Development Students Get New Financing Options
Aug 30, 2023
We’re excited to announce the addition of two financing options for regular tuition students in the full-time Web Developer program. Read More

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Data Analysis Gotchas! The Importance of Statistical Reasoning with Michael Holloway
Aug 22, 2023
Learn how statistical reasoning enables individuals to extract valuable insights from data, allowing them to make informed and evidence-based decisions while highlighting the data-driven approaches that have become crucial in various industries, from finance and healthcare to marketing and technology. Read More

Topics: Learning, Analytics + Data Science

Freelance Entrepreneurship and Webflow Development
Aug 15, 2023
NSS Alumni Christian Haggerty shares his personal journey into web development freelancing with our Seekers group at NSS. Read More

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9 Reasons AI Will NOT Eliminate Coding Jobs Anytime Soon
Aug 7, 2023
As we continue our series of articles on the effects AI will have on tech careers, John Wark, NSS Founder and CEO delves into the myths and realities surrounding AI's influence on software engineering, data analytics, data science, and web development jobs. Read More

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Shellabration: Customizing Your Shell Environment
Aug 1, 2023
Senior instructor Steve Brownlee recently explored the power of customizing your shell to enhance your workflow and boost productivity with our Seekers. It’s time to unleash the full power of your shell! Read More

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