A Creative Career Change with Coding | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 29, 2020
Christian Pippin was looking for a creative shift in his career when he decided to try his hand at software development. He shared, “I like coding because it's an extremely creative field with a variety of applications.” Now a full stack developer, he is ready to put his creativity and coding skills to use in the workforce! Read More

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Remote Learning For Remote Working
Apr 28, 2020
With many freelancers working 100% remote and even more traditional organizations allowing developers to work remotely at least part of the work week, we want to prepare our students for opportunities of all kinds, including remote work. Read More

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What's The Plan For Reopening Nashville Software School
Apr 23, 2020
Now that Nashville Metro government has shared their plan for how the local economy reopens, we know that our students and community want more insight into the plan for reopening NSS. Here’s what we know as of today. Read More
Back Home for Back-End | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 22, 2020
Jesie Oldenburg first came to NSS in Web Development Cohort 24 where he learned front-end development and UX/UI. After some time as a freelance front-end developer and working as a teaching assistant for another web development bootcamp, Jesie returned “home” to learn back-end development. Now a full stack developer with experience in UX/UI, he is ready to start a full-time job in full stack web development! Read More

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Has the Job Market Caught the Coronavirus?
Apr 16, 2020
Day-to-day life has stabilized a bit for our students and staff. It doesn’t mean we’re liking it, but we are adjusting to it. Now it’s time to lift our gaze, look to the future and try to anticipate and plan for what will, and may be, happening in the next weeks and months. Read More

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Goodbye Dewey Decimal, Hello World | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 15, 2020
Erin was ready for a change in her career as a librarian. When she recalled her passion for programming, she was ready to take a deep dive into software development. Now enthralled with the “wizardry of coding,” Erin is looking for a front or back-end job to start her career in web development. “I'm excited to continue utilizing my natural curiosity and user-focused design in the tech industry.” Read More

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Bridging The Distance
Apr 9, 2020
It turns out the ancient wisdom that warns us that our best-laid plans will often go askew might just be onto something. These days there’s another piece of wisdom I find myself holding to: we’re always stronger than we think we are. This virus has hit us hard, but we’re still standing. We’re remote now, but we’re still teaching and learning. Read More

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Development By Day, Networking By Night | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 8, 2020
Trey was looking for a pivot in his career as a Telecommunications Technician when decided to become a web developer “due to my insistent need to learn, challenge myself, and help others succeed.” Now a full stack developer, Trey is ready for his next step in his new career. Read More

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NSS Coronavirus Update - Week of April 6
Apr 7, 2020
It’s our fourth full week of fully online/remote operation here at NSS. And it’s yet another week where we’ll have several chances to say, “Well, we’ve never done things this way before!” This week we tackled onboarding two new classes remotely and several career development events. Read More
Cohort 36 Celebrates Graduation With Demo Day
Apr 6, 2020
On Friday we celebrated the graduation of Web Development Cohort 36 with our first-ever virtual demo day! Read More

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I Started My First Software Development Role In The Middle Of A Pandemic
Apr 2, 2020
Amid the layoffs and hiring freezes, there are glimmers of brightness from companies who are still hiring. Web Development Cohort 36 graduate Sam Pita shares her experience onboarding remotely to her first job in software development. Read More

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Pay It Forward | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 1, 2020
Having seen the tech field’s quick expansion in Middle Tennessee, Quin felt the time was right to shift his career, but did not want to pursue another four-year degree. He started researching his education options and found Nashville Software School. With his background in graphic design, NSS’s Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp was the perfect complement to his skill set. Read More

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