Code That Hasn't Been Written Yet | Graduate Spotlight
May 30, 2019
Hannah Neal is passionate about science and thought her ideal career would be in a laboratory. After getting her foot in the door as a customer service representative she started working with data and was exposed to the development process. As she moved from customer service into the laboratory, she consistently saw a need for better software applications. Read More

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Do You Have A Data Question That Needs Analysis?
May 22, 2019
From the beginning, students in our data science classes have worked on projects with companies that have shared data (either company data or public data) and one or more questions their business would like to have answered by that data. This provides a tremendous experience, whereby our students get exposed to data from a variety of domains while working to answer questions that would provide real value. Learn how you can provide data or a data question for our analytics and data science bootcamps. Read More

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Behind The Design: Data Science T-shirt
May 21, 2019
We have a lot of visually creative alumni that have lent their talents to NSS over the years, so when we needed a new t-shirt design for our data science program, we knew where to turn. Rather than select a single alum to design a shirt, we held a little design contest. See the winning design. Read More

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Court Reporter Transitions Back To Web Development | Graduate Spotlight
May 9, 2019
Bryan worked as a court reporter in New York City for 12 years before moving to Tennessee. He was seeking a career change and took a job in sales and marketing while he explored his options. It didn’t take long to realize that the job was not a fit. Bryan wanted to return to a career where he could combine his creativity and love of problem-solving – like his first job after college as a graphic designer and web developer. The change he had been seeking was right in front of him all along. Read More

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The Ultimate Mock Interview Event
May 3, 2019
When is the last time you went on a job interview? For many of our students, it’s been at least a few years. Prior experience aside, preparing for your first few tech-related job interviews is daunting. Find out how our mock interviews are helping students with this crucial step to landing a job and why so many hiring managers and technical leads are eager to participate! Read More

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