Alumni Spotlight - Dibran Rexhepi | Stories From The Hackery
May 29, 2024
In the latest episode of Stories from The Hackery, we catch up with NSS Data Science 3 alumni and part-time data instructor, Dibran Rexhepi, to hear about how he went from a career in biology to becoming a data engineer at Carmax! Read More

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The State of The Job Market for Junior Software Developers
May 21, 2024
While it’s true that the market is slower compared to the last few years, it’s also clear that companies are still hiring junior software developers. We would like to share some facts about placements of software developer grads from NSS so that you know what we’re really seeing. Read More

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NSS Announces The Access Scholarship for the Web Developer and Data Science Bootcamps in Second Half of 2024
May 21, 2024
The financial barriers to attend NSS are the highest we’ve ever seen. To help, we’ve created the $2,000 Access Scholarship to make starting a career in tech more affordable this year. Read More

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Dispelling Myths About Tech Job Searches for Bootcamp Grads
May 15, 2024
Ready to crack the code (pun-intended) on your tech job search? Check out our latest blog post where Rich Rader and Thomas Kuhlman from MRO share real-life stories and insider tips to dispel common myths about landing a job after a coding bootcamp! Read More

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Using LLMs Beyond the Chatbot | Stories From The Hackery
May 8, 2024
Join NSS founder and CEO, John Wark, and lead data instructor, Michael Holloway, as they explore the various ways LLMs are becoming integral components in applications in part 2 of their generative AI discussion. Read More

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