From Video Game Commentator To Developing A Game | Graduate Spotlight
May 31, 2018
Tim Conner was an eSports broadcaster before making a career switch to software development. He enjoyed his work as a commentator for video games, but it didn’t offer any great growth opportunities. He decided on software development as a career shift because he enjoys building software, learning the languages, and the “instant gratification of seeing what you built.” Read More

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Perfecting The Pitch: Group Projects Using Metro Nashville's Open Data
May 29, 2018
There was a lot of excitement in the air last Thursday as our Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp students presented their group projects using Nashville’s Open Data to an esteemed panel of judges. They had a week to build an app and perfect their pitch. See what they created! Read More

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What Is Causing Traffic Fatalities? | Discovery Through Data
May 24, 2018
We often focus our attention on events with numerous fatalities, but across the US, road traffic crashes (RTCs) are claiming lives on a daily basis. In his research for his mid-course capstone, Dereje Getu Demissie discovered some alarming statistics and looked at data from 2016 to see what is causing all of the fatalities. Read More

Topics: Analytics + Data Science

Cohort 23 is Officially On The Job Hunt After A Successful Demo Day
May 22, 2018
Cohort 23 wrapped up six months of learning full stack JavaScript on Friday. They shared their capstone projects one-on-one with over 40 employers in attendance for Demo Day. Read More

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Visualizing Breast Cancer Research | Discovery Through Data
May 16, 2018
Smita Misra Upadhyay is passionate about improving treatment plans for breast cancer through her research. or her mid-course capstone, Smita set out to develop a predictive model for treatment choice based on the molecular subtypes and transcriptome profiles in breast cancer. Read More

Topics: Analytics + Data Science

Can We Prevent Misinformation In Science News? | Discovery Through Data
May 3, 2018
Miscommunication and misinterpretation can impact science news as it moves from the lab to the public. This miscommunication could be due to poor communication style, technical nuance, or sensationalized media headlines. Mahesh Rao was curious to dig into how the science community could better communicate Read More

Topics: Analytics + Data Science

Data Science Students Present at Metro Data Day
May 1, 2018
Two of our Data Science bootcamp students, Evan Lancaster and Mahesh Rao, and our Data Science instructor, Mary van Valkenburg, were invited to present at the inaugural Metro Data Day last Friday. Evan and Mahesh shared the insights they gained from their work with the Metro Nashville property violations data project. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Community, Analytics + Data Science