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Steve Brownlee is dedicated to helping teach the next generation of software developers by providing people with a solid understand of the core technologies used today, and then expanding into how to be a valuable contributor. Brownlee has been developing software since 1980, when he programmed his TRS-80 to do his math homework for him. Since then, he grew up with the world wide web explosion and discovering all the new technologies that got invented to exploit its capabilities. 35 years later, he wants to take all the knowledge and skills he has accumulated and teach a new generation to build the next version of the Web.
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Shellabration: Customizing Your Shell Environment
Aug 1, 2023
Senior instructor Steve Brownlee recently explored the power of customizing your shell to enhance your workflow and boost productivity with our Seekers. It’s time to unleash the full power of your shell! Read More

Topics: Learning, Web Development, Software Engineering

What's the Difference Between Python and Django?
Nov 9, 2022
At NSS, our job is to give beginners a clear path of discovery to learn the fundamentals of coding, help them develop the ability to think algorithmically, and build a strong vocabulary. That’s why NSS Instructor, Steve Brownlee, is diving into the differences between Python and Django over on our blog! Read More

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Learning with SPICE
Dec 17, 2020
After carefully crafting a learning environment for his students, NSS Web Development Instructor Steve Brownlee’s plans for his classroom changed when we had to make the shift to remote learning in 2020. Since then, Steve found that “a flipped learning experience and remote learning are a match made in heaven.” Learn more about the 5 principles Steve uses while crafting a learning experience for his students. Read More

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Junior Instructors - The Untold Story
Jan 17, 2020
If you've never attended Nashville Software School web development program or spoken to a student or member of the instruction team about what our junior instructors are responsible for, you would be forgiven to think they are like the TAs you saw in college. For us, the role is vital to creating the learning environment that the instruction team wants to provide for the students - the experience we feel we owe to the students who are entrusting us to guide them through the process. Read More

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Building Teams That Learn
Jul 23, 2019
There are many subtle things that go into being an instructor on our team. If you look at our courses on Github (which are open source), you only get the what of the entire experience. It's simply a listing of what we teach and the order in which we do it. That's about 20% of the entire experience. A critical part of our course that isn't recorded anywhere is the group project experience. These projects are the forging fire of student knowledge and understanding. It doesn't come from the instruction staff. We just light the fire, and the students make the steel. Read More

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Visualizing Docker Compose
Jun 13, 2019
A few months ago, I got a Django app deployed to a server with Docker. Today I realized I did not recall how all the pieces fit together. I need to visualize it. Read More

Topics: Technology Insights

Learning C# And ASP.NET
Sep 28, 2017
Steve Brownlee shares about teaching C# and ASP.NET to students fresh out of their JavaScript education and walks us through running ASP.NET on Linux. Read More

Topics: Learning, Technology Insights

Learner Experience Design
Jun 15, 2017
Great teaching isn’t about knowledge transfer from the expert to the learner, it’s about clearing a path of discovery, and expertly guiding people down it. Head Instructor at Nashville Software School, Steve Brownlee, shares his research in & experience with Learner Experience Design (LxD). Read More

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