Learn SQL With Advanced SQL for Developers

Jul 26, 2022
Mandy Arola

One of the things many who work in tech love about their careers is the opportunity to always be learning. Our professional development courses were created with that in mind. We recently caught up with a few of our students from the Advanced SQL for Developers on how this professional development course benefited them.

The Advanced SQL for Developers course requires a basic understanding of SQL and has been attended by NSS bootcamp alumni and working developers in the community, all looking to grow their SQL skills and be more comfortable with the database. The class starts with a refresher on basic SQL before moving on to more advanced functionality.

Topics covered include database design, complex queries, transactions, manipulation of data, extensibility, data performance, and analysis. Jackie DiMaria is a graduate of our part-time Data Analytics Bootcamp and found the Advanced SQL course helpful in expanding on some of the theoretical things she learned in bootcamp. She explained, in the bootcamp, “normal forms had an outline or an ERD, but in the Advanced SQL course I got a step-by-step breakdown on how to build that outline or ERD.”

Taught through an online flipped-classroom, students get a lot of hands-on experience. Learning materials are provided before each class to review on your own so that class time can be used for questions, projects, and group exercises.

Through project-based learning, you will learn to explore data to be able to answer real-world questions with real-world databases. The flipped classroom model worked well for Jackie. “ I liked working with my peers and having material to follow and practice with.”

Patti Daily is an alumna of our part-time Data Science Bootcamp. She joined the Advanced SQL class to refresh her SQL skills and was appreciative of her instructors’ expertise. She shares, “NSS does a great job of getting people with real-world skill sets to learn from.”

Some students have been able to apply what they’ve learned on the job immediately or make recommendations to their boss for improvements with their database. Alex Lewis, a full-time Web Development Bootcamp graduate, found his newly enhanced SQL skills very relevant when he started his job as a software engineer intern at Technology Advice. He’s writing SQL queries every day!

So whether your SQL skills are a little rusty and you’d like a refresher or you’ve picked up the basics and would like a project-based learning environment to advance your skills, Advanced SQL for Developers is for you!

To learn more about the next session of Advanced SQL for Developers and apply, visit our program page.

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