The Right Tools For The Job | Graduate Spotlight
May 10, 2021
Meet Chip Hubbard, a graduate of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 3. Listen to his podcast to learn about his NSS experience and his capstone project. Read More

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NCAA Women's Regular Season Home-Court Advantage | Data Viz Competition
Apr 29, 2021
Our March Data Viz Competition introduced a 19-table relational database with information about regular season and NCAA Tournament games for men and women over the past 20+ years. Congratulations to part-time Data Analytics Cohort 4 student Brenda Gutman! Read More

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How Will Nashville Fill 8,500 MORE Tech Jobs?!?!
Apr 23, 2021
Join us on May 5th at 6pm as John Wark and a panel of local tech community members and NSS graduates discuss where tech in Nashville is heading, how the local community is already preparing, and how you can help NSS provide more opportunities to adults looking to make the leap into a tech career. Read More

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Making It To Google | Paulo G. Martinez, Data Science Cohort 1
Apr 21, 2021
Paulo G. Martinez of Data Science Cohort 1 catches us up on what he’s been up to since graduating, how NSS prepared him for his new career, what helped him land his job at Google. Read More

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Kaggle Competition Aids In Machine Learning Practice
Apr 7, 2021
Students in Data Science Cohort 4 have recently been studying machine learning, and to practice what they’ve been learning they took part in a competition hosted on For our competition, the student groups were tasked with building a model to predict the permeability, or ease of fluid flow, through synthetic microstructures. Read More

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How Do Refugee Resettlement Communities Differ? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 30, 2021
Building on her dissertation work at Vanderbilt University, Oluchi Randolph of Data Science Cohort 4 chose to explore perspectives on the immigrant integration process in the United States for her mid-course capstone project. Read More

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Data Science Cohort 4 Gives “The Best Presentation I've Ever Seen”
Mar 17, 2021
Mikil Taylor, VP of Analytics at Healthcare Bluebook, gave high praise on LinkedIn for the presentation he witnessed last week given by Nashville Software School’s Data Science Cohort 4. Read More

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NSS: The Online Experience | Mia Soza And Dez Brooks
Mar 16, 2021
We caught up with Full-time Data Analytics 2 graduates Dez Brooks and Mia Soza to ask what their online experience was like at Nashville Software School. Read More

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Where Are Tennessee’s Roads Being Impacted The Most By Population Growth? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 11, 2021
Inspired by the beauty and ingenuity of the road system that helps us traverse the country, Matt Parker of Data Science Cohort 4 was interested in exploring traffic and population growth across Tennessee. Explore his Shiny app to find out what he discovered. Read More

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Where Are The Endangered Animals Located? | Discovery Through Data
Feb 25, 2021
There are more than 35,500 endangered species on the IUCN Red List. With a problem so large, how do you even know where to start finding solutions? Inspired by her time living near Mauritius, Armelle Le Guelte of Data Science Cohort 4 decided to explore endangered species through her mid-course capstone. Read More

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