April Analytics Jumpstart Canceled Due To COVID-19
Mar 18, 2020
Learn more about our decision to cancel the April Analytics Jumpstart. Read More

Topics: News, Analytics + Data Science

Did the Boston Marathon Get More Competitive? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 18, 2020
Data Science Cohort 3 student, Bettina Kozissnik, used to be an avid runner and hopes to return to the sport soon. One of her goals motivating her is to qualify and run the Boston Marathon. But has the marathon become more competitive over the years? Bettina wanted to find out. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Analytics + Data Science

Does Adding Lanes Decrease Traffic Congestion? | Discover Through Data
Feb 27, 2020
As Nashville’s population continues to grow, traffic congestion has become a big concern for those who commute into the city. For her mid-course capstone, Data Science Cohort 3 student Dalila Paquiot analyzed traffic congestion on I-65. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Analytics + Data Science

What Keeps La Liga Soccer Teams On Top | Discovery Through Data
Feb 19, 2020
Data science has given sports teams, and their fans, new ways to analyze their performance and make better decisions for the future success of the team. For his midcourse project, Cohort 3 Data Science Bootcamp student Dibran Rexhepi dug into the data and delivered valuable insights on La Liga (Spanish soccer) league. Read More

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Measles: A Look At Vaccination Rates | Discovery Through Data
Feb 12, 2020
For those without a measles vaccine, a nearby cough or a sneeze is anything but harmless. Those most vulnerable to this highly contagious virus are children under 5 years of age. If infected, they are at risk of pneumonia, brain damage, hearing loss, and even death. In his Data Science mid-course project, Ryan Craven explored the relationship between vaccination rates, measles case counts, and healthcare expenditures. Read More

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Analyzing The Game | Graduate Spotlight
Jan 28, 2020
With his love of learning and longtime interest in data analytics, Sam Lawson knew that his education wouldn’t end with his undergraduate degree in Music Business. The Navy veteran and MTSU alum considered graduate school, but the options didn’t pique his interest or seem particularly useful in the workplace. Then, one of his co-workers told him about Nashville Software School. Read More

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NSS Alumna Named NTC Awards' Software Developer Of The Year
Jan 24, 2020
Last night's 11th annual NTC Awards was a big night for several Nashville Software School (NSS) alumni! Find out who took home the coveted guitars. Read More

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Well Worth The Climb | Graduate Spotlight
Jan 21, 2020
Always a bright and energizing force in his group projects, Douglas Torres’ passion for data shines when he’s digging his way to the answers. Prior to joining the Data Analytics Bootcamp at Nashville Software School (NSS), he worked in sales and then for a family-owned tax company as an administrative assistant. In that role, he taught himself how to use Excel to analyze company data and expedite reporting. Yearning to build on his analytics experience and advance his career, he found that NSS was the right next step for him. Read More

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2019 Year In Review: Our Recent Graduates Look Back
Dec 30, 2019
We graduated 215 new web developers and data scientists this year! Each one of them had their own unique journey that led them to NSS and we could not be more proud of the work they’re doing in companies all across Middle Tennessee (and a few beyond). Here are some of their reflections on how their lives have changed in 2019.  Read More

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Hack-tastic Hack-o-ween Hackathon
Nov 13, 2019
During the last weekend of October, the ghosts and goblins – I mean students and alumni – invaded Nashville Software School (NSS) for Hack-o-ween, our second student/alumni hackathon. Over 50 web developers and data scientists worked throughout the weekend to reach MVP on five different projects. Read More

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