Does It Pass The Bechdel Test? | Discovery Through Data
Apr 18, 2018
Have you heard of the Bechdel Test? The test is a simple three point check that examines the gender imbalance in movies. Shruti Sharma decided to examine the Bechdel Test for her data science mid-course project. She explained, “I think it is an insightful way of looking at the issue of gender imbalance and how skewed its representation in pop culture is.” Read More

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Are Vector-Borne Diseases Becoming More Prevalent? | Discovery Through Data
Apr 10, 2018
Have you thought about how changes in our climate might impact the spread of disease? With his background in biology and interest in global health and the climate, Sanjay Mishra wanted to know if the expanding geography of warmer seasons is allowing the vector population (mosquitoes, ticks, flies) to grow more rapidly, and thus increasing the rate of vector-borne diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Dengue, and Zika, or causing them to occur in new regions. Read More

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Is There An Achievement Gap Based on School Funding? | Discovery Through Data
Apr 3, 2018
Intrigued by Nashville’s significant economic growth in recent years and increased accessibility of data from the State of Tennessee, Paulo Martinez wanted to see if there was a correlation between the allocation of financial resources to school districts and educational outcomes, using ACT scores. Is the recent economic growth impacting the achievement gap in Tennessee? And is this increased revenue being distributed equally across school districts? Read More

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When Was The Golden Age For Video Games? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 29, 2018
Justin Rothbart has fond memories of his excited anticipation as the release date for a new video game approached. Video games allow him to connect to his youth, with some of his favorite games and series originating in the late 90’s. For his mid-course project in our data science bootcamp, he wanted to see if his view of video games from the late 90’s being the best matched the views of other video game fans. Read More

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Which Country Has Been Most Successful In The Olympic Games? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 20, 2018
The Olympic Games bring excitement to world competition. Athletes from nations around the world gather together to celebrate achievement and to push the human body to do things never thought possible before. While the Olympic Games are so much more than medals, the medals can tell us a lot about the history of the Games. Inspired by the recent Winter Olympics in South Korea, Brandon Sanders created a Shiny app, Exploring Summer Olympic Data, 1896 - 2008, to navigate data collected for the last 112 years of Olympic events. Read More

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Exploring Space Through Data With NASA Datanauts
Feb 14, 2018
When you think of NASA, you probably think of the space race, walking on the moon, or a potential mission to Mars. NASA is built on exploration and as a result of that, they have collected lots and lots of data. They currently have over 39,000 data sets! With all of this data and declining funding, NASA is turning to the community to find answers through Datanauts. Read More

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Kaggle Releases First ‘State Of Data Science & Machine Learning’ Report
Nov 14, 2017
This year Kaggle, a predictive modeling, analytics, and data sharing site, conducted its first ‘State of Data Science & Machine Learning’ survey, and received input from more than 16,000 respondents. We share a few of our highlights and how they relate to our Data Science Bootcamp. Read More

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Investing In Your Analytics & Data Science Capability
Sep 12, 2017
So, employers, how is your company planning to build its data engineering and data science capability? Planning on finding a data science unicorn to do it all? Good luck with that. What about the possibility of taking people already in your organization, people that know your business, people that you know fit into your culture, and invest in their future. Read More

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From Postdoc To Data Scientist
Aug 30, 2017
We recently spoke with Shruti Sharma, a NSS Cohort 6 Web Development Bootcamp grad, who will be returning to NSS this fall to attend our Data Science Bootcamp. We asked her all the tough questions, like why does a postdoc leave academia to become a software engineer? And why would they choose to attend a vocational school? Read More

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Teaching The Full Data Science Process
Aug 22, 2017
When we were talking to working data scientists and data engineers here in Nashville about designing a data science program there were several things that people consistently identified as being important if we were going to familiarize students with what it is like to work in a real data analytics/data science job. One of the things we heard was that Data Science in the real world is messy because the real world is messy. Data in the real world is never clean and/or complete and/or consistent or any of the other things it needs to be for our modeling techniques or predictive techniques to work. Based on the input we received, we have designed into our curriculum and projects the idea that we need to teach the entire data science process, not just the fun/cool machine learning and statistical modeling pieces of the process. Read More

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