Advanced Degrees Allowed | Graduate Spotlight
Jun 20, 2017
Is a bootcamp right for someone with a master’s degree? If you want to learn the craft of software development, absolutely. Everyone’s educational journey takes different paths. These two Cohort 17 graduates have master’s degrees, but when they decided to pursue software development, they opted for the accelerated, hands-on learning environment that our bootcamps provide. Read More

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Learner Experience Design
Jun 15, 2017
Great teaching isn’t about knowledge transfer from the expert to the learner, it’s about clearing a path of discovery, and expertly guiding people down it. Head Instructor at Nashville Software School, Steve Brownlee, shares his research in & experience with Learner Experience Design (LxD). Read More

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Coding Is For Creatives | Graduate Spotlight
Jun 13, 2017
There’s a common misconception that if you are creative, you will not like coding. The reality is that many of our students come from creative backgrounds. Whether you are a musician, writer, graphic designer, or express your creativity in other ways, you can bring your creativity into your role as a software developer. Today we meet Sorrel Brigman, an audio engineer, and Ashley Irwin, a writer, from Cohort 17 who both use their creativity to code. Read More

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Find A Career That Challenges You | Graduate Spotlight
Jun 8, 2017
If there’s one thing guaranteed in life, it’s that life changes. Sometimes after being in the workforce for a few years, you discover that your job has no career path, doesn’t challenge your mind, or it’s lost the enjoyment it once had. When that happens, often something inside us pushes us to look at our options and we begin talking with our friends, family, and networks. That’s what these three graduates of Cohort 17 experienced. They each desired a new career that would give them the mental challenge that was missing in their jobs. Read More

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Moving From The Valley To Higher Ground
Jun 6, 2017
In the beginning of my time at Nashville Software School, new concepts felt natural and syntax rules were easy to stomach. However, this season of bliss and clarity would be short lived. It is inevitable to spend some time in the valley during the learning process; it is also an integral stage; a necessary growing pain. In times of confusion or bewilderment, we become keenly aware of our areas of weaknesses and of gaps in our knowledge. If we truly aim to be lifelong learners, it would seem that these opportunities should be embraced and not avoided. Read More

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Want To Change Careers? You May Need A Mindshift.
Jun 1, 2017
Are you having trouble deciding if you want to shift to a new career? Not sure if you can learn to code? Do you believe you are bad at math or can't learn science? Maybe you are being blocked by your own mind. Maybe what you need before you can tackle anything new is a mindshift. Read More

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Cohort 17 Graduates With 21 New Developers
May 24, 2017
On Friday we graduated 21 junior developers from Cohort 17. To showcase all that they’ve learned in six months at NSS, the graduates presented their front-end and back-end capstones to prospective employers one-on-one. Get to know these 21 graduates. Read More

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Code For Nashville | GET INVOLVED
May 23, 2017
There are meetups that focus on learning or networking opportunities and then there’s Code for Nashville, a group that seeks to make a difference. Code for Nashville leverages technology to improve access to government services and is changing lives in big and small ways. They lead the way through hackathons and community discussions with software developers, journalists, legal minds, designers, and you! Find out how to get involved. Read More

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Sneak Peek | Data Science Bootcamp And UI/UX Designer/Front-End Developer Bootcamp Coming Soon To NSS
May 10, 2017
We all know that software technology is constantly evolving. This evolution drives change in which technologies are used in Nashville, how technologies are leveraged by employers, and what skills and knowledge are needed in new tech talent. We try to monitor those changes in Nashville’s tech talent demand. We also try to collaborate with employers and working professionals to identify opportunities to help meet changing needs through training. Based on our conversations over the past two or three years we have identified two new programs that are planned for launch later this year. Read More

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Coding Your Passions | Graduate Spotlight
May 8, 2017
Zoe LeBlanc loves history. Nathan Baker loves board games. While these two graduates have very different backgrounds and interests, they’re both combining their passion with a new love for coding. Zoe created apps that help academic researchers. Nathan created an app that shows you the most popular board games and was featured on a well-known board game podcast. Here are their stories. Read More

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