The Move Is On | New Address Beginning July 22, 2019
Jul 11, 2019
The great move of 2019 is almost here! Final touches are being made and our operations team is busy coordinating all the important things, like moving all of our furniture, ensuring we have WiFi on day one, and maybe most important, installing the coffee maker! It's going to be a rush to the finish line, but we can't wait to start in the new space.  Read More

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Comfort Zone Redefined | Graduate Spotlight
Jul 9, 2019
Brian Neal had spent ten years in retail, most recently as store manager, and knew it was time to move on. He had been interested in pursuing a career in development for years but was afraid to step out of his comfort zone and pursue it. While at NSS, he redefined his comfort zone and is looking forward to his first job as a developer. Read More

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Transitioning From A Military To Civilian Career | Graduate Spotlight
Jul 2, 2019
Janet N. Woods has spent most of her adult life with the Army and Army National Guard. As she considered what direction to take when she retired from service, Janet focused on what she enjoyed about her job. Learn about her journey at NSS. Read More

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Are Bootcamps Disrupting Traditional Higher Ed?
Jun 26, 2019
A fascinating discussion that has evolved since our founding and the launch of coding bootcamps in 2012 involves the role(s) of bootcamp-style programs in reshaping, disrupting, and/or complementing traditional higher education. There have been opinions on all sides of these issues over the last seven years. As time has passed, we now have a small bit of track record and evolution of bootcamps to assess, and as traditional colleges and universities have started to co-opt the bootcamp model in various ways, the discussions have started to get a bit more consequential.  Read More

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What If They Find Me out? Facing Imposter Syndrome
Jun 25, 2019
Our programs are hard. Seriously hard. For many of our students going through, NSS is the hardest thing they’ve ever done. Students often question whether they’re cut out for all this. Maybe they’re not learning enough? Maybe they’re too slow? Maybe they’re not smart enough? Maybe they don’t feel the passion for technology that they hear they’re supposed to feel? Whether you’ve been a student at NSS or not, if you do anything related to technology, I suspect these doubts will sound familiar. Read More

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Another Year Older...
Jun 19, 2019
It seems barely yesterday that we celebrated our fifth anniversary and set a goal to graduate 500 graduates by the end of that year. But two more years have gone by and we not only reached 500 graduates but we have exceeded 800 graduates! Hard to believe so much has happened in two years... Read More

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Positivity Pays off | Graduate Spotlight
Jun 17, 2019
Before attending Nashville Software School (NSS), Jordan Rosas worked as an Outbound Ship Dock associate at an Amazon Warehouse. At night, you could find him learning Python from his couch. After about a year and a half, he felt confident enough in his abilities to start applying to junior developer jobs, but he kept getting rejected. Jordan was set on becoming a developer, so he decided to invest in his education and found NSS. Read More

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Visualizing Docker Compose
Jun 13, 2019
A few months ago, I got a Django app deployed to a server with Docker. Today I realized I did not recall how all the pieces fit together. I need to visualize it. Read More

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Real World Projects Drive Learning Experience | Graduate Spotlight
Jun 12, 2019
Andrew Marsee first became interested in programming in college and found himself gravitating towards classes where he could program. As a mechanical engineer for an engineering consulting firm in Cincinnati, he continued to seek out ways to program whenever he could and spent his free-time studying machine learning. When his job circumstances changed, he jumped at the opportunity to move back to Nashville and learn data science in a structured environment. Read More

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A Love For Problem-Solving | Graduate Spotlight
Jun 6, 2019
When Brittany Ramos-Janeway graduated from college, she wasn't sure what path she wanted to take, so she started working as a bartender and in an Amazon fulfillment center. While these jobs helped pay the bills, she was still looking for a career. She started pursuing law school, even taking the LSAT, but an idea for an app inspired her to start learning to code. Brittany began learning Python on her own an loved the problem-solving aspect of coding, but she quickly realized that if she were to pursue this as a career, she would need an in-person learning environment. Read More

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