NSS Alumna Named NTC Awards' Software Developer Of The Year
Jan 24, 2020
Last night's 11th annual NTC Awards was a big night for several Nashville Software School (NSS) alumni! Find out who took home the coveted guitars. Read More

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Well Worth The Climb | Graduate Spotlight
Jan 21, 2020
Always a bright and energizing force in his group projects, Douglas Torres’ passion for data shines when he’s digging his way to the answers. Prior to joining the Data Analytics Bootcamp at Nashville Software School (NSS), he worked in sales and then for a family-owned tax company as an administrative assistant. In that role, he taught himself how to use Excel to analyze company data and expedite reporting. Yearning to build on his analytics experience and advance his career, he found that NSS was the right next step for him. Read More

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Junior Instructors - The Untold Story
Jan 17, 2020
If you've never attended Nashville Software School web development program or spoken to a student or member of the instruction team about what our junior instructors are responsible for, you would be forgiven to think they are like the TAs you saw in college. For us, the role is vital to creating the learning environment that the instruction team wants to provide for the students - the experience we feel we owe to the students who are entrusting us to guide them through the process. Read More

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Nashville Software School Brings On Nathan Vaughn As Program Manager For Computing Infrastructure Programs
Jan 6, 2020
Nashville Software School welcomes Nathan Vaughn to its team. Vaughn will lead program development for NSS’s expansion into training programs for computing infrastructure careers to satisfy local employer demand for talent in systems administration and networking. Read More

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2019 Year In Review: Our Recent Graduates Look Back
Dec 30, 2019
We graduated 215 new web developers and data scientists this year! Each one of them had their own unique journey that led them to NSS and we could not be more proud of the work they’re doing in companies all across Middle Tennessee (and a few beyond). Here are some of their reflections on how their lives have changed in 2019.  Read More

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2019 Year In Review: Milestones for NSS
Dec 27, 2019
The end of the year often brings about time for reflection and a look at the year ahead. While we have many exciting things in store for 2020, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2019. Read More

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Nashville Software School Named A Finalist For Nashville Business Journal's Best in Business 2020
Dec 18, 2019
We were humbled to hear that Nashville Software School (NSS) was named a finalist in the Nashville Business Journal’s Best in Business 2020 - Non-profit - Small category and are honored to be a finalist alongside the Adventure Science Center and Musicians On Call. In less than two months we’ll graduate our 1,000th graduate, something our founder John Wark admits he never imagined back in 2012 when NSS opened its doors as one of the first coding bootcamps in the country. Read More

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Tech Recruiter And Sales Lead Becomes Web Developer | Graduate Spotlight
Dec 16, 2019
Alex Rumsey was no stranger to the tech world before coming to Nashville Software School (NSS). With experience as a recruiting manager and sales development lead for a local tech start-up, his work put him in regular contact with software developers. Hearing them speak highly of their careers and the opportunities for growth in the field, Alex realized it was time to forge a new path for himself. Read More

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Fueling The Community | Graduate Spotlight
Dec 10, 2019
As a digital marketer, Jeff Hill worked closely with development teams and was intrigued by how they brought marketing ideas to life on their website and app. After moving to Nashville, Jeff heard about Nashville Software School (NSS) from several alumni who all said NSS was the “best decision they ever made” to change their career. Read More

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Try Things...Fail...Learn | Graduate Spotlight
Dec 3, 2019
Scott Silver has always looked for careers where he could learn and be challenged. His friends recommended software development as it fit his interests and would provide the workplace culture he’s seeking in his next job. As a middle school math teacher for six years, Scott worked on a process of continuous improvement for his students. The process involved asking questions like, “How are you going to get better,” learning to accept feedback, and creating an environment where students could make mistakes and learn from them. Scott found this process to be similar when learning to code. Read More

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