Cohort 20 Graduates - Wraps Up Our 5th Anniversary Year And Last Class In 2017
Nov 15, 2017
On Friday we graduated 21 new full stack Node.JS developers. This is our eighth class of software developers to graduate this year and wraps up our fifth anniversary year. Cohort 20 spent 6 months with instructor Joe Shepherd, who shared the class became like “siblings” and learned to work together despite their differences. Listen to their podcasts. Read More

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Kaggle Releases First ‘State Of Data Science & Machine Learning’ Report
Nov 14, 2017
This year Kaggle, a predictive modeling, analytics, and data sharing site, conducted its first ‘State of Data Science & Machine Learning’ survey, and received input from more than 16,000 respondents. We share a few of our highlights and how they relate to our Data Science Bootcamp. Read More

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After 5 Years - What’s The Road Ahead? | 500 In 5
Nov 9, 2017
Five years of sustained success and 500+ graduates is wildly gratifying for all of us at NSS. We’ve talked in this series mostly about what has happened over the past five years and why we made some of the crucial decisions that contributed to where we are today. But the energy of our team is actually focused on the future, not the past. Read More

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UX Designers Do A Lot More Than Design
Nov 7, 2017
You’ve heard of UX Designers, but do you know what they actually do? The title can be a bit misleading. While design plays a role, UX designers do so much more. Let's explore the six stages of UX design. Read More

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Cleared For Takeoff | Graduate Spotlight
Nov 1, 2017
Cohort 19 students Willie Pruitt and Azim Sodikov were already learning software development before they attended NSS. Azim was teaching himself basic skills and Willie was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Both wanted to increase their pace of learning and were ready to takeoff on their bootcamp adventure. Hear about their journeys. Read More

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Merging Front-End Development And Product Design
Oct 31, 2017
In an article published on TechCrunch last year, Carson Miller discusses why The Future Of Front-End Development Is Design. Building new digital products is easier and more affordable than ever, but you still have to build a product that users love...and therein lies the challenge. In today’s job market, code literacy is an essential skill for designers and managers, not just developers. It's also beneficial for front-end developers to understand user experience design. The demand for this hybrid role is growing quickly in Nashville, which is why we created our Front-End Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp. Read More

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Constant Learning And Exploration Give You The Skills To Succeed | Ryan Tanay - Cohort 10
Oct 26, 2017
Ryan Tanay was working in desktop support, small business IT, and networking before he attended NSS. After graduation, Ryan was a junior instructor for a year and now works in DevOps with the full-stack and learned all of his DevOps skills post NSS. Ryan shares about the importance of continual learning and networking. Read More

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BarCamp Nashville Connects Local Tech Community | IN THE COMMUNITY
Oct 24, 2017
On Saturday Nashville Software School and Tech Hill Commons was filled with energy from the Nashville tech community for BarCamp Nashville. The doors opened at 8am and the building quickly filled with eager learners. With sessions ranging from interviewing, to how to speak at BarCamp, to VR and AI, there was something for everyone. Read More

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How CodePen Education Enabled Us To Focus On The Fundamentals In Our Jumpstart Class
Oct 19, 2017
NSS recently launched a 3-week, part-time Jumpstart program that introduces students to the world of web development and teaches them the basics of the core web languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In order to overcome some of the major hurdles in setting up a development environment, and simply focus on the fundamentals, we used a CodePen Education. Take a peek at how we integrated the features into our program. Read More

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“Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” Is No Cliché | Aimee Knight - Cohort 4
Oct 16, 2017
Aimee Knight is a former professional figure skater and was in marketing when she made the decision to become a software developer. After researching (and visiting) bootcamps around the country, she landed at Nashville Software School as a part of Cohort 4. Aimee encourages new developers to "Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable." Read More

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