The Desire to Help Others And Be Creative Lead To Software Development | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 5, 2018
Kristen Norris was working for a non-profit when she decided to make a career change. Software development felt like a great way to create things and continue to help others. Learn about Kristen's journey at NSS and the capstones she built. Read More

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Is There An Achievement Gap Based on School Funding? | Discovery Through Data
Apr 3, 2018
Intrigued by Nashville’s significant economic growth in recent years and increased accessibility of data from the State of Tennessee, Paulo Martinez wanted to see if there was a correlation between the allocation of financial resources to school districts and educational outcomes, using ACT scores. Is the recent economic growth impacting the achievement gap in Tennessee? And is this increased revenue being distributed equally across school districts? Read More

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When Was The Golden Age For Video Games? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 29, 2018
Justin Rothbart has fond memories of his excited anticipation as the release date for a new video game approached. Video games allow him to connect to his youth, with some of his favorite games and series originating in the late 90’s. For his mid-course project in our data science bootcamp, he wanted to see if his view of video games from the late 90’s being the best matched the views of other video game fans. Read More

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Cohort 22 Wraps Up Six Months With A Busy Demo Day
Mar 27, 2018
On Friday, we graduated our latest class of full stack C#/.NET developers. With over 65 hiring managers, in-house recruiters, developers, and alumni stopping by, our graduates showcased their capstones for four hours non-stop. Read More

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Volunteer For Hack For The Community
Mar 22, 2018
In just three weeks, Nashville Software School and Nashville Technology Council will be buzzing with volunteers for HCA Foundation’s Hack For The Community. The 36 hour hackathon will bring together software developers and designers from across Nashville, including some of our students and alumni. Teams will be solving problems for over 20 local non-profits. Read More

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Which Country Has Been Most Successful In The Olympic Games? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 20, 2018
The Olympic Games bring excitement to world competition. Athletes from nations around the world gather together to celebrate achievement and to push the human body to do things never thought possible before. While the Olympic Games are so much more than medals, the medals can tell us a lot about the history of the Games. Inspired by the recent Winter Olympics in South Korea, Brandon Sanders created a Shiny app, Exploring Summer Olympic Data, 1896 - 2008, to navigate data collected for the last 112 years of Olympic events. Read More

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How To Pay For a Nashville Software School Bootcamp
Mar 13, 2018
So you’ve decided to make a career transition. You’ve done your research and have decided that attending a bootcamp is the best way for you to learn the craft of software development or the skills required for data science. You’re considering Nashville Software School, but wonder, “how do I pay for it?” As the first non-profit coding bootcamp in the US, we strive to keep our bootcamps within financial reach of all who apply. Read More

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Oh, The Things You'll Learn | Matthew McCord - Cohort 16
Mar 1, 2018
It has been almost a year since Matthew McCord graduated from NSS as a part of Cohort 16. Ten months into his first tech job at Bernard Health as a full stack developer, Matthew hasn’t stopped learning. Through support on the job and exploring his own interests in game development, he has grown a lot as a developer. Read More

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Seven Questions Junior Developers Should Ask in Any Interview
Feb 21, 2018
New junior developers are often a bit buffaloed by the interview process associated with hiring software developers. Things like whiteboard challenges and code tests are not the kinds of things most of our grads have ever seen before in whatever jobs they had prior to NSS. And, new grads can get so focused on their need to sell themselves that they forget that interviews are two-way conversations where both parties - employer and interviewee - are trying to decide if working together makes sense. Read More

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From Traditional Education To Hands-On Learning | Graduate Spotlight
Feb 15, 2018
A recent high school graduate, a recent college graduate, and a teacher...these three Cohort 21 graduates decided to give hands-on learning a try. Malcolm wanted to pursue his new-found passion, Fang wanted to combine his biomedical engineering skills with the logic and creativity of coding, and Matt wanted to leave teaching and pursue a career where he could still make a difference. Read More

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