Following True Passions in Data Analytics | Graduate Spotlight

Feb 7, 2022
Jessica Grande

Myles Macdonald of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 5 at Nashville Software SchoolBefore NSS, Myles MacDonald of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 5 was a financial fraud attorney. “I was exposed to data analytics and data storytelling in a large financial fraud project as an attorney,” he shares. “I decided that Data Science was my true passion and the career path I wanted to follow.”

What was the topic of your capstone and how did you choose it?

“Top Tier Chess: Analysis of the FIDE's Top 100 Ranking Lists from July 2000 to November 2021. My thesis questions were:

  1. Has the average ELO (rating) of the Top 100 players increased over time?
  2. If so, does the data indicate alternative explanations for the increase in ELO?
  3. Has Russian dominance of top tier chess lessened in the past 20 years?
  4. If so, which countries have seen the largest gain in top tier chess players?”

What was your favorite part of your NSS experience?

“The group projects. Working together with other students, sharing ideas and solutions, Googling solutions together, was all a tremendously rewarding experience.”

​​What advice would you give to current or incoming NSS Data students? 

“Dive in and work hard!”


Now that he’s graduated from NSS, Myles is on the hunt for his first job working in data analytics! Connect with Myles on LinkedIn and listen to his podcast below to hear more about his capstone project and NSS experience! 

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