NSS Coronavirus Update - Week of April 6
Apr 7, 2020
It’s our fourth full week of fully online/remote operation here at NSS. And it’s yet another week where we’ll have several chances to say, “Well, we’ve never done things this way before!” This week we tackled onboarding two new classes remotely and several career development events. Read More
Cohort 36 Celebrates Graduation With Demo Day
Apr 6, 2020
On Friday we celebrated the graduation of Web Development Cohort 36 with our first-ever virtual demo day! Read More

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I Started My First Software Development Role In The Middle Of A Pandemic
Apr 2, 2020
Amid the layoffs and hiring freezes, there are glimmers of brightness from companies who are still hiring. Web Development Cohort 36 graduate Sam Pita shares her experience onboarding remotely to her first job in software development. Read More

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Pay It Forward | Graduate Spotlight
Apr 1, 2020
Having seen the tech field’s quick expansion in Middle Tennessee, Quin felt the time was right to shift his career, but did not want to pursue another four-year degree. He started researching his education options and found Nashville Software School. With his background in graphic design, NSS’s Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp was the perfect complement to his skill set. Read More

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NSS Coronavirus Update - Week of March 30
Mar 31, 2020
We are into the third full week of our response to COVID-19. Here's the latest at NSS. Read More

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What Makes A Good Developer | Graduate Spotlight
Mar 25, 2020
Sean was nervous to learn the new technologies introduced to him in class, but he came to view them as rewarding challenges. His mindset had to shift in order to grow as a programmer. Now, he’s looking for his first job as a full stack developer to continue his journey! Read More

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An Update On Bringing NSS Online During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Mar 24, 2020
It’s been a little over a week since our first big update on how we’re responding to COVID-19 and we’re settling in to our new normal. We hope you are too! Students and instructors are feeling more comfortable with their new online tools. And they’re even finding the silver-lining in the situation. Read More

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No Experience? No Problem! | Graduate Spotlight
Mar 19, 2020
Having never touched a piece of code, Lwam Tekie was always curious about how the website she used at her job worked. This curiosity led to conversations with NSS alumni who inspired her journey into the world of web development. Read More

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April Analytics Jumpstart Canceled Due To COVID-19
Mar 18, 2020
Learn more about our decision to cancel the April Analytics Jumpstart. Read More

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Did the Boston Marathon Get More Competitive? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 18, 2020
Data Science Cohort 3 student, Bettina Kozissnik, used to be an avid runner and hopes to return to the sport soon. One of her goals motivating her is to qualify and run the Boston Marathon. But has the marathon become more competitive over the years? Bettina wanted to find out. Read More

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