Which Jumpstart is Right for Me?

Feb 15, 2022
Jessica Grande

So you’ve decided you want to attend a Jumpstart course at Nashville Software School, but are wondering, “which one is right for me?” We get this question pretty often at NSS, so let’s walk through what each Jumpstart is designed for and who should attend! 

What is a Jumpstart Course?

Jumpstart is what we call our 3-week, introductory courses at NSS. They are a great way to “test-the-waters,” so to speak, and see if that tech path is right for you! Jumpstart is for beginners, so there are no prerequisites for these classes and no prior technical experience is needed.

All of our Jumpstart programs are synchronous, online classes with instructors, which means you'll still attend class sessions during class time and receive plenty of hands-on experience. If you've wanted to apply for a bootcamp at NSS, attending a Jumpstart is a great opportunity to get a taste of what our learning environment is like! 

Jumpstart courses cost ​​$650, with a $500 credit toward any NSS bootcamp. (Only one $500 Jumpstart credit may be applied per bootcamp.) 

We have two Jumpstart courses to choose from: Web Development and Analytics. 

I heard about NSS from family members a couple years before I attended. My only regret is not attending sooner! I attended one of the jumpstarts, loved it, and knew I wanted to take the full course.” - Ivan Phelps, Part-time Web Development Cohort E10


Web Development Jumpstart

The Web Development Jumpstart course goes over the basics of how to build and structure web pages using semantic markup in HTML5, how to style your web pages using CSS3, and basics of programming & JavaScript - the world's most widely used programming language.

This Jumpstart is for people who are…

  • Evaluating whether a career in technology is right for you and want to test the waters
  • Considering a Web Development bootcamp
  • A professional looking to add HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to their skill set, or
  • Interested in learning how to create their own website

If you are looking for a guided introduction to web development foundations, and want web technologies & software development demystified while learning to build a web page, the Web Development Jumpstart course is designed for you.

Visit the program page on our website and learn more about our upcoming Web Development Jumpstart course and how to register! 

I did my research and decided to [enroll in Web Development of the NSS] Jumpstart program. After completing the 3-week program, I knew NSS was for me. From their inclusive culture to their genuine care in answering all ranges of questions, I felt as though it was a comfortable space to truly learn and thrive.” - Matthew Reeds, Full-time Web Development Cohort 38


Analytics Jumpstart

With our Analytics Jumpstart, you’ll learn about the data analytics workflow and get hands-on exposure to many parts of it, including collecting, cleaning, merging data, exploratory data analysis, communicating, visualizing, and sharing findings. 

This Jumpstart is for people who are…

  • Have the statistical background for data science, but want to give coding a try
  • Considering applying a Data Analytics Bootcamp
  • Evaluating whether a career in data analytics is right for them 
    • and want to explore their options, or
  • Wanting to add Python and/or Jupyter Notebooks to your personal skill set

Maybe you started exploring data on your own but want to find out if you’re on the right track? Or maybe you are considering a career change and want to see what working on an analytics project is like? Or even consider adding basic knowledge of analytics and tools like using Python in a Jupyter Notebook to your skill set for your current career.

Learn more about the Analytics Jumpstart course and how to register by visiting the program page on our website! 

I was interested to [learn about] the learning method at NSS and I took part in the Jumpstart program. The instructors' professionalism and the positive learning vibes among students prompted me to continue the journey with NSS.” - Lydia Tsang, Part-time Data Analytics Cohort 3


Deciding which Jumpstart course to register for ultimately comes down to what best aligns with  your goals. Are you interested in Web Development, where you build web applications? Or does analysis and story-telling through data excite you more? Whatever your ultimate goal is in exploring these fields, we’re here to help! Reach out through our contact page and we can discuss which program best aligns with your goals.

If you are uncertain about NSS, attend an info session, maybe try a Jumpstart, but then go for it. You may feel like you're underwater sometimes, but you will come out the other side feeling fantastic about the new skills you learned.” - David Larsen, Full-time Web Development Cohort 41

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