The Impact Of Food On The Environment | Graduate Spotlight

Feb 23, 2022
Jessica Grande

Ella Fayer of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 5 at Nashville Software School Ella Fayer of Full-time Data Analytics 5 describes herself as a “Cross-functional dynamic operations guru - turned data analyst, hungry to creatively solve problems in unique ways.”  Before attending Nashville Software School (NSS), Ella worked in operations for tech companies, always working adjacent to the data analyst on her teams. “I was always talking about data and always asking for dashboards to be built but never the one that was doing the work,” she explains in her podcast. “It really made me want to get gritty with the data myself!” 

What was the topic of your capstone and how did you choose it?

“I’ve been kind of a ‘diet oscillator’. I’ve been a pescitarian, a vegetarian, a vegan, and I’m always really curious to hear different people’s motivations behind what they eat and why they eat it and so this seemed like a really good opportunity to dig into one aspect of it,” Ella shares on her podcast. “Albeit, not all people choose their diet based on the environmental impact versus maybe like animal treatment or health. But the environment is definitely one reason that people attribute to removing certain food groups from their diet.” Her capstone, “Thirty food products' impact on the environment” was based on four measures: greenhouse gas emissions, eutrophying emissions, land use, and scarce water use.”

What advice would you give to current or incoming NSS Data Analytics students?

“Work hard, but don't be too hard on yourself!”


Since graduating from Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 5, Ella has been hired in her first role as a data analyst! Way to go, Ella - we can’t wait to see how you develop in your new career! 

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