Growing Locally & Remaining Competitive  - 10 Years | 2,000 Journeys

Oct 26, 2022
Jessica Grande

In recent years, Nashville’s tech community has experienced unbelievable growth. From new residents finding their place in our thriving tech community to entire companies moving to town, there is more demand for local tech talent than ever!

In this episode of 10 years | 2,000 Journeys, host Clark Buckner sat down with Jason King, Senior Director of Data Science at  XSOLIS, and Thomas Schlegel, acting CTO at Built Technologies to discuss their strategies to build and retain their team at the locally grown companies they work for – even as more companies consider making Nashville their next home and drive up talent demand. 

Thomas Schlegel - 10 Years | 2000 JourneysNSS Has Stayed Consistent

“You know, overtime Nashville has become a more attractive destination for, I think, all folks...So we’ve seen just a lot of change in the talent landscape. I think the one thing that has been consistent for me, overtime, has been NSS, and I know NSS has gone through a lot of changes as well, but you know every organization I’ve worked for we’ve sourced a lot of talent from NSS.” - Thomas Schlegel, Acting CTO at Built Technologies


Growing & Hiring in NashvilleJason King - 10 Years | 2000 Journeys

“When I was hiring, before we allowed for more remote workers, I was looking for people that kind of had ties to the area, which is kind of a weird thing I guess. But I was more interested in people who demonstrated that they were interested in staying in Nashville. I was not really looking at people who were looking at this [job] as just another step in their career because I was building a team, you know, it was just me in 2016, and it’s grown since then, but we’ve really grown and hired based on potential.” - Jason King, Senior Director of Data Science at  XSOLIS

If you’re looking to grow and develop your own tech team or talent pipeline and would like to connect with Nashville Software School, visit the Community Employer page here.


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