Teaching The Full Data Science Process
Aug 22, 2017
When we were talking to working data scientists and data engineers here in Nashville about designing a data science program there were several things that people consistently identified as being important if we were going to familiarize students with what it is like to work in a real data analytics/data science job. One of the things we heard was that Data Science in the real world is messy because the real world is messy. Data in the real world is never clean and/or complete and/or consistent or any of the other things it needs to be for our modeling techniques or predictive techniques to work. Based on the input we received, we have designed into our curriculum and projects the idea that we need to teach the entire data science process, not just the fun/cool machine learning and statistical modeling pieces of the process. Read More

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Lessons Learned | Who Can Learn To Code? | 500 In 5
Aug 17, 2017
After five years of teaching students with limited or no prior training and experience in programming we’ve learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t work. And we’ve learned a few things about who can learn to code (and about who can but shouldn’t bother). Here are a few of our Lessons Learned relative to who can learn to code. Read More
Are You Interested In UI/UX Design & Front-End Development?
Aug 15, 2017
In recent years we have seen quite a few of our graduates get hired into hybrid roles that combine front-end web development skills with UI/UX skills. Most of these grads either had prior design experience or took our UI & UX for Digital Product Design professional development course after completing one of our full-stack web development bootcamps. We have been talking with local employers about their need for hybrid positions like this and as a result are launching a full-time Front-End Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp. Read More

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Data Science Bootcamp Has Launch Date
Aug 9, 2017
We’re wrapping up two exciting days at the Nashville Analytics Summit where we had the opportunity to talk with several prospective students and community members about the launch of our Data Science Bootcamp in October. If you’re not on our Data Science newsletter, let’s catch you up on the latest. We received the final program approval from the TN Higher Education Commission on Thursday, 27 July. Now that we have approval, we can begin to actively market the program, take applications from interested students, and lock in the start dates for the program. Read More

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Hiring Junior Developers And Going From Bootcamp Skeptic To Advocate | Stories From The Hackery Ep. 6
Aug 8, 2017
In Episode 6 of Stories from The Hackery, Jim Siegienski, CTO at Groups360, speaks in depth with John Wark on the availability of junior and more senior software developers in Nashville, sparking a conversation on where Nashville is now, how we can improve it, and the way to create a new mindset for companies willing to hire developers based on their problem-solving skills rather than knowing any specific programming language. Read More

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Practical Applications | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 7, 2017
When it comes time for students to decide what they are going to build for their capstone projects, we encourage them to build something useful that relates to their personal or professional experiences. Helana Nosrat and Jessica Younker from Cohort 18 leveraged the knowledge they built in their prior careers to build apps that would be useful on the job. Read More

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It’s All About The Opportunities | 500 In 5
Aug 3, 2017
I still remember like it was yesterday. Four years plus ago one of our recent grads came up to me at a local tech event and said, “Thank you for NSS - you’ve changed my life”. My first reaction was shock that someone had credited me and the school I had founded with something as profound as changing their life. The second reaction was some combination of happiness for them - that they had found something in terms of career and satisfaction from the investment they had made in learning - and some mix of pride and ego that I and my little experiment in vocational education had changed someone’s life. And quickly that second part of the reaction made me uncomfortable. Read More

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Coding Confidential | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 1, 2017
Software development is a collaborative profession. This week we hear from two graduates that come from professions known for confidentiality, but enjoy the collaborative, open-source environment of development. Jordan Nelson was in information security for a major corporation and Josh Kilgore is an attorney. Both were interested in technology before pursuing bootcamp. After going through bootcamp, they have some pretty good advice for students. Read More

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Moms Who Code | Graduate Spotlight
Jul 24, 2017
A lot of parents come through both our full-time and part-time web developer bootcamps. This week we talk with two moms with young children who graduated with cohort Evening 4. While balancing a day job, bootcamp, and family is never easy, Debra Gordon and Sarah Ward relied on their families and fellow classmates to stay focused on their goal of becoming software developers. Read More

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Why A Six Month Curriculum? | 500 In 5
Jul 20, 2017
Why, from the very beginning, in 2012 did NSS make a contrarian decision to have a six-month full-time bootcamp? When all the schools in all the cool, tech hot spot cities were launching with 9, and 10 and 12 week programs, were we just out of the loop down here in Nashville, or did we know/believe something they didn't? And why today do we continue, along with a handful of other programs across the country, to feature a significantly longer full-time residential program than the majority of bootcamps? Read More

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