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Mandy has been following developers & tech companies at meetups since 2016. She is NSS’s chief content wrangler, a.k.a. marketing manager. When she’s not writing blogs, managing social media, pestering instructors & graduates for content, or attending meetups, you can find her traveling the world or at home with her beloved dog Lola.
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Understanding Dialysis Claims | Graduate Spotlight
Jun 24, 2020
Sunitha Bussa of Data Science Cohort 3 spent 13 years as a software developer and has worked with all kinds of data during that time. While working in the billing department of a dialysis clinic, she saw room for improvement but did not have the proper tools to analyze the data. During the Data Science bootcamp, she was able to apply what she was learning to billing data from the dialysis center for her capstone projects. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Analytics + Data Science

Savoring The Eureka Moments | Graduate Spotlight
Jun 17, 2020
Bettina Kozissnik of Data Science Cohort 3 loves the scientific process and the eureka moments that come from hard work. After leaving biomedical engineering for the business world, Bettina missed the eureka moments. When she discovered Data Science, she realized she could have those eureka moments back. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Analytics + Data Science

Cohort 36 Celebrates Graduation With Demo Day
Apr 6, 2020
On Friday we celebrated the graduation of Web Development Cohort 36 with our first-ever virtual demo day! Read More

Topics: Hiring?, News, Web Development

April Analytics Jumpstart Canceled Due To COVID-19
Mar 18, 2020
Learn more about our decision to cancel the April Analytics Jumpstart. Read More

Topics: News, Analytics + Data Science

Did the Boston Marathon Get More Competitive? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 18, 2020
Data Science Cohort 3 student, Bettina Kozissnik, used to be an avid runner and hopes to return to the sport soon. One of her goals motivating her is to qualify and run the Boston Marathon. But has the marathon become more competitive over the years? Bettina wanted to find out. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Analytics + Data Science

NSS Community Responds: March 2020 Tornado
Mar 4, 2020
The early morning tornado on Tuesday impacted many in our Nashville community. While NSS did not sustain any damage, some of our students, staff, and alumni have damage to their homes and cars. Shortly after the tornado rolled through, the NSS Slack group came alive with students and alumni checking in on each other. By the time daylight arrived, our community was asking how they could help.  Read More

Topics: Community

Skills To Get The Job | Graduate Spotlight
Mar 2, 2020
After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, James McClarty was struggling to find a job. James realized that education alone doesn’t land you a job. “I needed connections, a GitHub page, everything that shows I’m a qualified programmer,” he explained. “I knew I had to find a way to get my foot in the door, so I [could] work in software development professionally.” Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

Does Adding Lanes Decrease Traffic Congestion? | Discover Through Data
Feb 27, 2020
As Nashville’s population continues to grow, traffic congestion has become a big concern for those who commute into the city. For her mid-course capstone, Data Science Cohort 3 student Dalila Paquiot analyzed traffic congestion on I-65. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Analytics + Data Science

Front-end Web Design/Development Cohort Teams Up With The Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition To Test App Idea
Feb 26, 2020
There are over 14,000 immigrants in Davidson County and 2,000 - 3,000 of them are ready to become a naturalized citizen of the United States, but many of them are intimidated by the process. Our Front-end Web Design/Development cohort took on the challenge presented by the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) to create an app to connect immigrants to mentors to help them through the naturalization process. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Community, UI/UX, Web Development

Improving Experiences | Graduate Spotlight
Feb 25, 2020
As a teenager, Sage Klein learned to code by building celebrity fan websites on Geocities. When she was ready for a career change, Sage decided to turn her passion from her youth into her next career. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, UI/UX, Web Development

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