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Mandy has been following developers & tech companies at meetups since 2016. She is NSS’s chief content wrangler, a.k.a. marketing manager. When she’s not writing blogs, managing social media, pestering instructors & graduates for content, or attending meetups, you can find her traveling the world or at home with her beloved dog Lola.
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Recent Posts

Zap Joins The Team As Employer Engagement Manager
Aug 13, 2021
Nashville Software School (NSS) is excited to announce that Haley Zapolski (aka “Zap”) has joined the team as Employer Engagement Manager.  Read More

Topics: News, Community

An Intro to Docker
Aug 10, 2021
Recently, Will Johns met with our Seekers to give them an introduction to Docker and share why he thinks graduates should spend some time learning it. Read More

Topics: Learning, Analytics + Data Science

NSS Forms Advisory Groups To Strengthen Engagement With Employers
Jul 29, 2021
Like all growing organizations, we’ve had to adapt some of the things that previously worked, but are not scalable in a rapidly growing organization. One of those improvements is the introduction of advisory boards to extend how we collaborate with Middle Tennessee employers. Read More

Topics: News, Community, Analytics + Data Science, Get Involved, Web Development

A Data Analyst’s Guide To Preparing For A Technical Interview
Jul 27, 2021
For new Data Scientists or Analysts, technical interviews can be a bit daunting. Ben Hummel, a Senior Data Scientist at Zapier, shares some insight and strategies for how to approach live, online coding technical screening interviews. Read More

Topics: Learning, Analytics + Data Science

Alumna Lands Dream Job | Lindsay Mulhollen, Front-end Web Designer/Developer Cohort 24
Jun 29, 2021
We’re catching up with some of our alumni and sharing their advice for our students and recent graduates. When Lindsay Mulhollen applied for NSS in late 2017, she never imagined that she’d be working for her dream company less than four years later. She is now a React Developer and Creative Technologist for the company whose work motivated her to attend NSS. Read more in our latest Alumni Spotlight! Read More

Topics: Alumni, UI/UX, Web Development

NSS Student Outcomes
Jun 22, 2021
Every year the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) compiles reports on student outcomes and demographics for authorized institutions. Given the impact of the pandemic on the reporting year, we thought it was a good time to walk through the nuances of this report. Read More

Topics: News, Community

Persevering In Your Job Search - Matt Kelly, Web Development Cohort 25
May 25, 2021
Matt Kelly of Web Development Cohort 25 met with a group of NSS grads that are still searching for their first job to share how he persevered through his long job search. Read More

Topics: Alumni, Analytics + Data Science, Web Development

How Do Refugee Resettlement Communities Differ? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 30, 2021
Building on her dissertation work at Vanderbilt University, Oluchi Randolph of Data Science Cohort 4 chose to explore perspectives on the immigrant integration process in the United States for her mid-course capstone project. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Analytics + Data Science

Where Are Tennessee’s Roads Being Impacted The Most By Population Growth? | Discovery Through Data
Mar 11, 2021
Inspired by the beauty and ingenuity of the road system that helps us traverse the country, Matt Parker of Data Science Cohort 4 was interested in exploring traffic and population growth across Tennessee. Explore his Shiny app to find out what he discovered. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Analytics + Data Science

Where Are The Endangered Animals Located? | Discovery Through Data
Feb 25, 2021
There are more than 35,500 endangered species on the IUCN Red List. With a problem so large, how do you even know where to start finding solutions? Inspired by her time living near Mauritius, Armelle Le Guelte of Data Science Cohort 4 decided to explore endangered species through her mid-course capstone. Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Analytics + Data Science

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