Change In Start Date Of Data Analytics Bootcamp

Mar 25, 2019
John Wark

Delays in construction force change in start date

The start of the first Data Analytics Bootcamp has been changed from Tuesday, May 14 to Tuesday, July 9. This change is to accommodate the availability of our new classroom facility (see Nashville Software School Is On The Move). Until we move into the new facility we do not have enough classrooms to accommodate the start of new programs, in fact, that’s the reason we are moving in the first place.

We planned to be in the new facility by sometime in April but delays in the construction project have pushed the current target date for the move to mid-May. In other words, to exactly the date when we need the new classrooms for the analytics bootcamp. Given the uncertainty and risk still remaining in the construction schedule, we decided it was just too risky to assume there would be no further delays, so we’re pushing the start of the class.

Now, why delay two whole months you ask? Well, that’s driven by the end date of the class. It’s a six-month program, so if we push the start date one month to mid-June, that puts graduation just before Christmas. And we never graduate a bootcamp in December because our experience tells us that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a silly time to ask employers to come to Demo Day and interview students starting a job search. Nobody is focused on hiring in mid-December. Hence we’ll graduate the new class on Thursday, January 9, 2020 - working backward then gets us to our July 9 start date.

The good news is that this gives anyone interested in starting their career in data analytics, or those looking to upskill to meet today’s skill requirements, another few weeks to apply for the program. If you are curious about data analytics and data science sign up today to come to our next information session at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, April 10.

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