Making Magic | Graduate Spotlight

Mar 28, 2019
Mandy Arola

Daniel CombsAt his job with Climb Nashville, Cohort 28 graduate Daniel Combs met several developers. They shared how much they enjoyed having a career with a lot of remote job opportunities so that they could travel for climbing and still work full-time. His friends thought Daniel would enjoy being a developer too, so they shared some resources to start learning to code and he was hooked. When he was ready for a career change, Daniel knew he wanted to become a developer.

Why NSS?

It’s easily the most reputable bootcamp; and with tons of my friends going to NSS prior to me, I honestly did not consider the other options. I knew it was a great choice.

Daniel shared that there were many roadblocks along the way, but his classmates leaned on each other to overcome them. The bond among his classmates was one of Daniel’s favorite parts of the bootcamp experience.

He shared this advice for current students, “Lean on your friendships and do not be afraid to push yourself. The safety net of people around you will make sure that you learn and succeed no matter what.”

Capstone Projects

For his front-end capstone, Daniel built an app for Magic The Gathering card players called Magic Maker. The app lets users keep track of the cards they are playing in the decks they have created. He built the app with JavaScript and React and used Bootstrap to style it.

Daniel’s back-end capstone is called Patient Pal. It is a Django-based web app that allows users to keep track of their medical appointments and medications. Users can also record notes about any symptoms they have or medication side effects they’re experiencing so they remember to discuss it with their doctor. Daniel used Python, Django, and a SQL database to build the app. He plans to build a second version of the app that will allow doctors to view the information submitted by their patients.

Hire Daniel

While many of his climbing friends enjoy working remotely, Daniel is looking to stay in Nashville. He wants to work for a company that fosters growth and learning and allows him to fail-forward. While searching for his first job as a developer, Daniel is planning his next application to keep his skills fresh.

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