Our First UI/UX Class
May 18, 2016
Last week nine students completed our first UI/UX class. NSS programs up until this class have been primarily focused on front-end and back-end development. As we start to expand our training beyond software development, we decided it was a priority to add a program especially for user interface and user experience design. Three students share their experience with our UI/UX class. Read More

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NSS Students Make Applications At IBM Watson Workshop
Apr 19, 2016
Last week, a group of 40 NSS students, instructors and recent graduates participated in the IBM Watson Workshop, held at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. The workshop presented 100 and 200 level sessions to teach and practice different ways to utilize Watson’s API tools. The 200 level class was a hands-on developer lab designed for NSS students to build and complete an application using the tools in the API by the end of the session. Read More

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Thank You Nashville, For Another Successful NSS Demo Day
Apr 11, 2016
Last week, we graduated 28 new full-stack developers at NSS Demo Day. They are the 11th full-time class to graduate from our intensive accelerated learning program. Over 100 people visited Demo Day, including potential employers seeking developers, and other members of the developer community. Get to know these graduates. Read More

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NSS Hires Career Development Specialist
Feb 26, 2016
Former technology recruiter Jessica Brawner joins the Nashville Software School team as the school's first Career Development Specialist. Jessica's primary roles at NSS will be to help current students plan their careers, and to provide personalized support for their job search once they graduate. Read More

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Demo Day Stories From Cohort 10 / Evening 1
Jan 13, 2016
Nearly 100 recruiters, alumni, and community partners met graduates from Cohort 10 and Evening Cohort 1 at Tuesday's Demo Day, which culminates the six-month day program and yearlong evening program. Get to know these graduates. Read More

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Cohort 6 Demo Day
Jan 15, 2015
On Tuesday, graduates from our 6th cohort demonstrated their capstone projects to potential employers. Bryan Finlayson, a student from our newest cohort, shared what he learned as he visited with each student, as well as what employers are looking for from graduates. Read More

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Back To School - From Student to TA
Jan 25, 2014
One year ago I began one of the hardest, but most enjoyable 6 months of my life. I began the NSS Software Development Bootcamp and put myself on the path to a new career as a coder. I went from a forty-something guy with an increasingly outdated set of professional tools to having the skills I needed to enter the cutting-edge field of software development. Read More

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Ruby/Rails Unit 2 Capstone projects
Nov 8, 2012
The students presented their capstone projects last week and it was fantastic seeing how much progress they've made in such a short period of time! Check out the projects in this post. Read More

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Week 2 of Cohort 1
Jul 1, 2012
We have finished week two in the maiden voyage of the Nashville Software School Bootcamp. The first student cohort has completed their introductions to HTML and CSS, and have demonstrated their understanding of the fundamentals by completing 11 exercises. Read More

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Classes Are Well Under Way With Cohort 1
Jun 22, 2012
It's day 5 of the Nashville Software School's bootcamp maiden voyage. We've already covered HTML5 markup and CSS syntax and basic formatting in M-Thursday. We've had a couple of great guest mentors come by with stories of their personal journeys into web development. Read More

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