Thank You Nashville, For Another Successful NSS Demo Day

Apr 11, 2016
John Wark

 Last week, we graduated 28 new full-stack developers at NSS Demo Day. They are the 11th full-time class to graduate from our intensive accelerated learning program. Over 100 people visited Demo Day, including potential employers seeking developers, and other members of the developer community.

Graduates in this class spent three months learning front-end engineering including HTML, CSS, Javascript and AngularJS, and three months immersed in server-side development with Node.js and the MEAN stack.

We interviewed our students live at Demo Day, and posted our interviews on SoundCloud, so you can hear a reflection of their time at NSS. We’ve embedded the full interview at the bottom of this post.

Additionally, some of the students gave us feedback about their NSS experience.

“Nashville Software School is definitely a game-changer for those who feel like they aren’t going anywhere,” said graduating student Jessawynne Parker. “At NSS, you not only learn to code but also how to be part of the Nashville tech community. While this journey isn’t easy, it is beyond rewarding with the knowledge that you can create whatever is in your mind’s eye. That is the most empowering part of the NSS experience.”

Another graduating student, Caleb Scholze, said “As a recent Nashville transplant, I had the privilege of attending Nashville Software School with hopes to acquire the tools to be a contributing member in the tech community here in town. Every aspect of Nashville Software School’s program exceeded my expectations including the quality of education, exposure to the professional community, and complete investment in my personal success during and after the program.”

Still another, Benjamin Bledsoe added “I had really high expectations. I walked in the first day and they started talking to us and my expectations were blown out of the water, in a good way. It’s greatly exceeded everything I thought it was going to be.”

For more information about all the graduates, check out their class website here. These students are all looking for Jr. Development positions in Nashville.

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