Demo Day Stories From Cohort 10 / Evening 1

Jan 13, 2016
John Wark

Nearly 100 recruiters, alumni, and community partners met graduates from Cohort 10 and Evening Cohort 1 at Tuesday’s Demo Day, which culminates the six-month day program and yearlong evening program.

However, not all of the graduates participated in the rite of passage, which involves a final capstone project and extensive career advice over the final month.

“Many of the students who were intending to be here today simply aren’t here because they already got hired,” said Steve Brownlee, lead instructor for front-end development. “We were worried about running out of space because there were supposed to be 45 students graduating today, and there are only 26 here. All of the rest of them have already been snatched up by recruiters in the Nashville area.”

And the rest may soon be snatched up as well. One of the graduates even left during the middle of Demo Day to go to a job interview.

The first half of the course focuses on front-end development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and the second half on back-end development with .NET/C#. All the while, students attended meetups and networking events after school and on weekends.

These new software developers took the time to talk about their plans and projects post graduation. Listen here for the full interviews below. Many of the grads are looking for local employment opportunities in the Nashville area.

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