Demo Day Recap And Interviews With Our Newest Graduates

Jun 30, 2016
John Wark

Last week, Cohort 12 and Evening Cohort 2 graduated 37 full-stack developers, marking over 293 total graduates of NSS. We celebrated their graduation and introduced 32 of the graduates to the community at Demo Day on Friday, June 24.

These graduates spent either six months full-time (for the day students) or 12 months part-time (for the evening students) training at NSS, learning server-side development with .NET/C# and front-end engineering with HTML/CSS/JavaScript/AngularJS. At Demo Day the grads were able to showcase their capstone projects built with these technologies. They were able talk with prospective employers about their career plans and why they chose to to become software developers.

Most of the graduates had an opportunity to interview with our friend Clark Buckner, Nashville’s master of the podcast, to discuss career changes, challenges of learning something new, and the capstone projects for NSS graduates.

Joel Harris, one graduate of Evening Cohort 2, had development experience before NSS. “I came to NSS to get professional training and to take that next leap towards what I want to do with my life.” Joel talked with Clark Buckner about his capstone project, Brewards - an electronic brewery rewards app.

Katlyn Spears went through the full-time six month program with Cohort 12. She came to NSS looking to change a nursing career path to something more creative. “You can’t stop learning,” she said of programming and new development technologies. She presented two projects at Demo Day: a board game review app, and a recipe app that populates grocery items to a shopping list.

Check out the full list of student stories in the SoundCloud playlist below.

We’d like to thank local employers, alumni, current and potential students, mentors and other members of Nashville’s Technology community for coming out and sharing this special day with us.

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