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Looking Ahead - 10 Years | 2,000 Journeys
Dec 7, 2022
NSS Founder and CEO John Wark is joined by Chris Bayham and Elise Cambournac to discuss what they predict is in store for the next 5-10 years for Nashville’s tech community, and Nashville Software School. Read More

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NSS Receives $25,000 Grant From Truist Foundation To Provide Scholarships For Students
Dec 6, 2022
Nashville Software School announces it has received a $25,000 grant from Truist Foundation to offer scholarships to students from underrepresented groups. Read More

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NSS Staff Give Thanks 2022
Nov 21, 2022
This time of year it’s always fun to reflect on all we have to be thankful for! Here at NSS especially, we have so much that we are thankful for that it's hard to list them all out - so we’ve enlisted the help of some NSS staff members this year and asked them to share some things they’re thankful for! Read More

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The Changing Landscape In Nashville’s Tech Hiring - 10 Years | 2000 Journeys
Nov 16, 2022
In this episode of 10 Years | 2000 Journeys, Beth Hoeg, CEO at Trinisys, and Taylor Desseyn from Vaco join host Clark Buckner to discuss how they’ve seen the hiring landscape change in Middle Tennessee during the past 10 years, and what type of jobs are available now versus 10 years ago. We also look at how businesses are getting more creative about hiring. Read More

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Growing Locally & Remaining Competitive  - 10 Years | 2,000 Journeys
Oct 26, 2022
In this episode of 10 years | 2,000 Journeys, host Clark Buckner sat down with Jason King, Senior Director of Data Science at XSOLIS, and Thomas Schlegel, acting CTO at Built Technologies to discuss their strategies to build and retain their team at the locally grown companies they work for – even as more companies consider making Nashville their next home and drive up talent demand. Read More

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No Matter Your Background, You Can Start A Tech Career at NSS - 10 Years | 2000 Journeys
Sep 22, 2022
Our students at NSS have come from a wide range of backgrounds. From overnight stockers at super markets, to bartenders, to graphic designers, to biochemists, to photographers, oh, and even GRAMMY award-winning audio engineers - it is still Nashville, after all. Basically, no matter your previous background, there’s room for you in Nashville’s tech scene! Check out our latest episode of 10 Years | 2000 Journeys to hear from 3 NSS alumni who all had different backgrounds! Read More

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NSS Celebrates 10th Anniversary & Nashville Software School Day
Sep 14, 2022
2022 is not only NSS’s 10th anniversary, but we also graduated our 2000th student and soon, our 100th cohort! With so many milestones in one year, there was no question - it was time to party!  Read More

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From The Arts to Analytics | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 7, 2022
Having enjoyed her time in her most recent role with the Nashville Ballet, Abi Inglis of Part-time Data Analytics Cohort 6 decided it was time to go a different direction with her career chose to learn data analytics with NSS! Now, Abi works as a Business Analyst for AllianceBernstein! Way to go, Abi! Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Analytics + Data Science

Investing In Yourself | Graduate Spotlight
Aug 25, 2022
Chelsea Harris-Washington was working at Asurion as a Tech Support Coach when an opportunity arose for her to upskill through Asurion’s Software Engineering Apprenticeship with NSS. Chelsea jumped at the opportunity! Now that she’s graduated from NSS, she is working as a software engineer apprentice at Asurion! Great job, Chelsea! Read More

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Why Students Choose NSS for Web + Software Development
Aug 24, 2022
Students from all different walks of life come to NSS to gain the skills they need to start a career in tech! Their reasons for choosing NSS are plentiful, as are their options for how to gain new tech skills. So when someone chooses NSS, we do not take their decision lightly! Check out the reasons our alumni had to say shortly after graduating about why they chose NSS. Read More

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