Looking Ahead - 10 Years | 2,000 Journeys

Dec 7, 2022
Jessica Grande

Over the course of this short-run podcast series, 10 Years | 2,000 Journeys, we’ve taken a look back at what the last 10 years have been like for Nashville’s tech community. From community meetup organizers, to business leaders, to NSS students, graduates and alumni, it’s been a wonderful journey as we paint the picture of what has led us to the thriving tech community we all experience in Nashville today. 

We’ve also had the opportunity to celebrate Nashville Software School’s 10 year anniversary with the graduation of their 100th cohort and 2,000th graduate from the program.  

Now, as the series' end draws near, we are looking forward to what might be in store for our community as more and more techies set their sights on Nashville as their next home. 

In this episode, NSS CEO & Founder, John Wark, is joined by XSOLIS COO & NTC Chair, Chris Bayham, and new NTC President & CEO, Elise Cambournac. Together with host Clark Buckner, they discuss what the future might hold for Nashville’s tech community, how we embrace change while keeping the magic of Nashville alive, and ways to keep Nashvillians engaged with it all. 

NSS_10Years2000Journeys_Chris Bayham
“I think there was probably some fear when we heard a lot of these large companies coming in, the thought was, ‘are they going to be bringing with them their tech talent, and [is it] going to create more competition?’ But I think what we’ve seen is, it’s a rising tide, raising all ships.” Chris Bayham,  XSOLIS COO & Chairman for the NTC Board.


“I’m super optimistic and excited about the next few years…Thinking about, creating that vision and strategic plan to getthere and to get our city really rising with the influx of tech jobs.” Elise Cambounac, President and CEO of the NTC.

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"How do we make sure that this growth, this explosive growth in jobs and opportunities don't all go to out of town folks?How do we make sure that Nashvillians get to participate in that? I think part of the answer to that is education [about the career opportunities available].”
John Wark,  Founder & CEO of Nashville Software School. 



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