We Have Added Another Web Development Jumpstart - in December

Oct 31, 2019
John Wark

For everyone who wasn’t able to get into our November Jumpstart, and for anyone trying to personally “test drive” software development before jumping into a bootcamp, we have an early Christmas present - we have added another Web Development Jumpstart to our calendar. The new Jumpstart begins on Monday, December 2 and ends on Saturday, December 21. Yes, that’s right, December is not just shopping season and holiday party season, it’s learn some code season! It’s not exactly the 12 days of Christmas, more like the nine classes of Javascript (or something like that). 

Seriously, we had so much demand for our November Jumpstart (20+ names on the waitlist) that it just felt crazy to have everyone wait till January for the next Jumpstart. Plus, we rearranged our 2020 class schedule by adding another part-time Web Development Bootcamp in the first half of 2020, and starting the previously planned February part-time bootcamp six weeks earlier in early January, so there’s even more folks wanting to get a start on web development before the bootcamps start. All of that added up to a lot of good reasons to fit another Jumpstart into the calendar. So we have. If you look on the home page of our website, you can enroll now in either a December or a January Web Development Jumpstart - whichever best fits your schedule.

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