NSS Announces Fellowship Program To Connect Employers With Graduates
Oct 15, 2020
We’re excited to announce our Fellowship Program that will connect employers with graduates for short-term projects. The Fellowship Program is designed to provide Seekers with a paid “apprenticeship” (small “a” - it’s not a Registered Apprenticeship program, but it serves the same end - real on-the-job experience). Read about how this program is designed to help our Seekers gain the experience as they seek their first jobs after graduation. Read More

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A Growing Passion for Technology | Graduate Spotlight
Oct 14, 2020
Ronald Lankford was gearing up for a long journey to web development after transferring to a four-year college. After taking an introduction course to Programming, Ronald decided traditional schooling wasn’t right for him and set out on finding a way to break into this industry faster than a four-year degree when his classmate suggested he check out NSS. Read More

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Prove It To Yourself | Graduate Spotlight
Oct 12, 2020
John Bain’s favorite part about being in Web Development Cohort 40 was the amount of knowledge he was able to gain in six short months. “I really learned a lot, and proved to myself that I could do it, and that I was actually really good at it,” he shared. While searching for his first job as a junior developer, John is adding features to his back-end capstone and building a website with search and filter functionality for a friend’s new business to showcase the items she is selling. Read More

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The Adventures of Web Development | Graduate Spotlight
Oct 7, 2020
Being a part of the first-ever fully remote cohort at NSS, Adrian Garmendia shares that his first few weeks in Web Development Cohort 40 were challenging as he learned how to be a remote learner. Read More

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So Many Seekers | Mind The Gap
Oct 6, 2020
How in the world did NSS find itself with so many Seekers? And how did we get in the position where we had to ask you to help us “Mind the Gap”? Well, we all know what happened - COVID-19 happened. Overnight we went from what had been the best job market for NSS graduates that we had ever seen (as measured in terms of average job search times for graduates) to … what? All of the landmarks by which we navigated were gone, obscured in a fog. Read our latest blog for insight into how we navigated decision making under conditions of "uncertainty." Read More

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The Process of Beginning A New Career in Data Analytics | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 30, 2020
Around the time Lori Butler left her previous position in accounting and payroll managing, her husband also began making a career transition. That’s when they discovered Nashville Software School. After a 3 month job search, Lori is joining HealthStream as a Process Analyst. Read More

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We Have A Problem - You Can Help Us Solve It
Sep 28, 2020
2020 has been quite the year. For NSS, it began with the celebration of our 1000th graduate in February. But one month later, the pandemic hit and we all faced new challenges. There were all kinds of gaps between how we did things and how COVID-19 required us to act. But, there’s one big gap we haven’t been able to close - the slowdown in hiring of junior software developers, data analysts, and data scientists that started in mid-March. Here's how you can help. Read More

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The Teacher Becomes the Student | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 28, 2020
Charity Bunyon was an English teacher who was introduced to Web Development one day by one of her students in class. She knew from then on that she wanted to become a Developer. Now a graduate of Part-time Web Development Cohort Evening 10, Charity is continuing to build her skill set by learning Python and taking a Data Structures and Algorithms course and looking for her first Full-stack position as a junior web developer. Read More

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The 2020 Analytics Summit Embraces The Virtual Experience
Sep 24, 2020
The buzz from this year’s Analytics Summit is still lingering in the virtual halls of NSS. On Monday and Tuesday, many of our Analytics + Data Science students had the opportunity to attend The Analytics Summit and learn more about data and the career paths they have chosen. Read More

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The Missing Puzzle Piece | Graduate Spotlight
Sep 23, 2020
After a career teaching French at the University of Kentucky, Sarah H. Landolt decided it was time for a pivot and looked into learning software development when a friend suggested she check out Nashville Software School. Now a graduate of Web Development Cohort 39, she is ready to find her first full stack job that will allow her to continue building her experience as a developer! Read More

Topics: Student Stories, Hiring?, Web Development

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