Erin Truman, Web Development Cohort 50 | #MyNSSJourney

Nov 8, 2023
Jessica Grande

Nashville Software School (NSS) alumni have a history of transforming their careers with the skills they learn during their bootcamps. In this Alumni Spotlight, we catch up with Erin Truman as she shares her NSS journey and the impact it had on her life and career.

From Preschool Teacher to Application Engineer

Before she was an Application Engineer, Erin Truman worked for seven years as a preschool teacher and holds a degree in psychology along with a Montessori certificate. 

Her decision to switch to a tech career wasn't without its challenges. She describes starting all over with a new career in her thirties as "really hard". However, she was determined and ready to embrace the change. Having a supportive team and meaningful work helped her quickly acclimate to her new role as an Application Engineer.

Since graduating from Full-time Web Development Cohort 50 atNSS, Erin's career has seen significant growth. She started as a tech resident at HCA before advancing to an Application Engineer position within six months, and, in just a year, was promoted to an Application Engineer II. 

The NSS Impact: Learning to Learn

Erin attributes her success to her education at NSS, particularly the skills she acquired in React and JavaScript. However, what she values even more is how her instructors encouraged her to ask questions without hesitation and helped her develop her problem-solving skills. Learning when to seek help and how to effectively navigate the balance between self-reliance and seeking assistance was an important lesson. Erin also mentions how NSS prepared her for continued learning by teaching her to read documentation, conduct effective Google searches, and acquire the skills necessary to adapt to a constantly evolving tech landscape.

Encouraging Others

Erin didn't see herself in the tech field initially, believing that only "really smart people" could become developers. Yet, she encourages others not to limit themselves by these misconceptions. She discovered that a willingness to learn, a tolerance for discomfort, and problem-solving skills are more important than being a "computer person." Erin's journey into tech has not only changed her life financially but has also provided her with more flexibility and sustainability than her previous profession as a teacher. She calls her decision to join NSS "one of the best decisions" she has ever made. 

Thanks for sharing your NSS journey with us, Erin! We can’t wait to see how your career continues to unfold.

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