Data Analysis Gotchas! The Importance of Statistical Reasoning with Michael Holloway

Aug 22, 2023
Jessica Grande

At Nashville Software School, we provide our students and graduates who are still on the search for their first job in tech with opportunities to dive deeper and continue their education while on the job hunt. These graduates are fondly referred to as Seekers. 

In a recent Seekers meeting at Nashville Software School, Lead Data Science and Analytics instructor Michael Holloway presented on the significance of Statistical Reasoning in data analytics and the decision-making process. Now we’re sharing his presentation with you!

Learn how statistical reasoning enables individuals to extract valuable insights from data, allowing them to make informed and evidence-based decisions while highlighting the data-driven approaches that have become crucial in various industries, from finance and healthcare to marketing and technology. Check out the video on our YouTube channel or watch below!


Topics: Learning, Analytics + Data Science